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Your chance to say thank you

Another great Homegrown Music Festival – it’s absolutely amazing to see the talent that we have in town.

Homegrown would not be possible without the efforts of a lot of people working throughout the year, behind the scenes, to make it happen.  Paul Connolly, who has been festival director over the past two years has done a great job.  Paul Lundgren, Adam Guggemos, and all of the volunteers who contributed deserve our thanks.  And of course happy birthday and thanks to Starfire for giving life to the festival.  Remember to frequent the venues who support original live music throughout the year.

If you had a good time this week, take a moment to write a note of thanks for those who made it possible.

Homegrown 2009 Slideshow Retrospective

Watch it in this small form right here, or click here to see a larger version of the slideshow. And if you want to add your photos to the show, by all means post them on Flickr and tag them homegrownmusicfestival2009. They’ll be added automatically.

Homegrown Slideshow Index
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homegrown magic

paul hannu & grandaughter. homegrown 2009. teatro zuccone


Friday Rawk Night




View select performances from Coal Car Caboose and the Keep Aways here. Also available is a special performance from the Bitter Spills. Additional videos will be posted soon.

Photos and Videos Courtesy of the Daily Strife.

Alpha Centauri

The Alpha Centauri will be up from Minneapolis tonight. Check them out at The Blue Crab after 9pm. They just released a new album with great success and will have copies at the show.
Review of Lavarocks

Jamie Ness and Brad Nelson


Enjoy a select performance of Jamie Ness and Brad Nelson performing live at Fitger’s Brewhouse on Souptown Night during the 11th Annual Homegrown Music Festival. View video of this performance and more here.

Photo and Videos courtesy of the Daily Strife.

2009 Homegrown Schedule for Friday Night

A relatively easy to read, West to East layout for Friday in Excel format:

Friday Homegrown Me!!

HG’09 Experimental Tuesday Photos

HG’09 at the Blue Crab

Experimental Tuesday?

this was no experiment



another homegrown poster


Friday Night Volunteers Needed!


Greetings and happy Homegrown.
We are desperately strapped for door volunteers for Friday night (05.01) of Homegrown. If anyone can spare the time or knows of anyone who may be available, please have them contact Jen: [email protected] We are offering full week passes, money, whatever.

Homegrown on KUMD

KUMD 103.3 is having Homegrown artists live in the studio all this week. Sessions will be archived at as well. Here’s the schedule:

Today @ 1pm Sammy Macon
Wednesday @ 1pm Ben Durbin’s Modern Antiques
Thursday @ noon Clyde Iron
Friday @ 12:15pm Coyote
Friday @ 1pm Greg Cougar Conley

And of course Starfire will continue the Homegrown fun on the Local, Wednesday at 5pm.

Exp. Tues. @ The Venue


8-11 pm

be there or…

be at Sacred Heart or Blue Crab.

Tuesday night should have our own kickball team–Dada approach.  TimK, could you build a backpack van de graaff generator with blinky lights and a vaccum attachment by noon on Saturday? We’ll need it for the game (Buenos Aries, 1941).

Sacred Heart Experimental Tuesday

Sacred Heart Music Center

* 7 p.m. – Tim Kaiser

* 8 p.m. – Rivulets

* 9 p.m. – Sight Like December


Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Koo Koo Kanga Roo is a musical duo from the Twin Cities. They promise to get the crowd involved in their choreographed dances and sing-along choruses and typically described as the Beastie Boys meets Sesame Street. Koo Koo will be performing this Wednesday, April 29th along side local Duluth rock trio, The Real McCoys.

The Event will take place in the Rafters on the University of Minnesota Duluth Campus at 9 pm

FREE for UMD students/$5 Non-UMD

Check out the Late Night Kirby website for more details

Koo Koo Kanga Roo / The Real McCoys

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