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Fashion Foward


Tickets are $20 in advance – $25 at the door

The Ides of March


“The Local” Podcast


Welcome to “The Local” podcast. Each week I will pump out a segment of my KUMD show. It includes a couple songs that I get permission to use, the calendar and interviews. The show is still evolving so any comments/criticism you want to send my way feel free (hello craig…)

I have submitted the show to iTunes and am waiting on approval but you can paste the feed in right now and it should work. Thanks.

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Earth Angel




cars & trucks goin’ all ‘big balls’ all over your hipster asses.


Cars & Trucks will be joining forces with jesse hoheisel and jody kujawa to bring you a night’s worth of bon scott-era AC/DC on the final night of the Ides of March festival.

Saturday March 14th.

10 p.m.

all ages.


We’ve been told Hot Rod and crew will be playing Michael Bolton’s “Time, Love and Tenderness” from beginning to end as well. the night should be a scorcher.

RIAA\Record Companies Back in Duluth

Slashdot has a write up on some new, good news:

I wasn’t really drunk, I was just pretending…


Here is the lineup for the rest of my residency at the 400 Bar, you will see a several Duluth acts on here. See you there!

Saver the Night @ the Score Bar with Soundwaves



Kermit singing

Sing! A Women’s Chorus
Mags David, Director
Wednesday, March 4
Carmody Irish Pub

Sing! is a community chorus. We meet through Duluth Public Schools Community Education. Songs are learned through oral tradition. Repertoire includes rounds, traditional music from the United States, Europe, and West Africa, and occasional originals from the director. Sing! provides a unique choral music experience, join us for a free concert.

White Wolf


Charlie goes to Oz

If you’re like most Americans, I imagine few of you are familiar with Paul Kelly but I have a dozen of his cds and think he’s great. I’m seen him referred to as Australia’s version 0f Springsteen. From an email to his mailing list about an Australian May tour:

Joining him on the road is Charlie Parr from Duluth, Minnesota, whose style bears the influence of hours spent listening to country blues records and Smithsonian/Folkways field recordings. Charlie’s finger picking, freewheeling tune, ‘1922 Blues’ is the soundtrack to the recent, hugely successful Vodafone TV campaign. Charlie plays original and traditional folk tunes, plus blues covers by the likes of Mississippi John Hurt and Charley Patton, favouring National resonator guitars, 12-string guitar and banjo in his performance.

His self-taught mix of slide, finger-picking and quasi-frailing technique come together with a voice that’s low on drama and high on impact. Dignity, and the struggle to keep it, are central themes in Parr’s songs. The gamblers, the union workers, the criminals and the sinners that wander around his songs come straight from real life observation. The stories he tells get into some dark spots; that place where regret and remorse part company.

How to enter the inaugural Homegrown Music Video Festival

homegrownchickenThis year’s Homegrown Music Festival will feature a night of locally produced music videos using songs by local bands.

If you are interesting in creating a video for the festival, there are some things you should know.

Twitterpated 2009

Lakeview Castle

21+ at the Lakeview Castle ^CLICK FOR DETAILS^

From My Big Box of Photos | 2004

Green Man 2004

The 2004 Green Man was probably my favorite year. Sure the first one had it’s torrential rains and gale force winds and the last one had record breaking temps and gale force winds but 2004 was great.

Show At Harbor City International Theatre Tommrow Night!


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