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Call for Performers: Welcome Home {Grown} | Live {Stream}

We miss live music! We all miss live music … right?

This will be the 11th year of 2104’s Soup Social, dubbed #SoupB4Supe. Last year we were forced into the Live Stream gig … and now Bryce Kastning and I, also with support from a few others, have been producing Music Live Stream’s since April 2020. If you haven’t listened to our streams … you can pick them up as often as you want, they are at or As of this writing, we have created 22 streams from 2104.

Selective Focus: Nature’s Winter Artistry

Select Instagram photos showing a few of nature’s icy art projects.

Perspective: A Review of Decennia by Jan Chronister

Unforgettable things happen to us. Those pivotal events take on new meaning with the passage of time. Jan Chronister looks closely at those events in her past in her latest collection, Decennia (Truth Serum Press, 2020). The title means “decades.” Chronister splits her life into five of them and examines each in detail.

New Plan: Trick the Archeologists of the Far Future

Mockup example of proposed bronze historical marker series

New plan is to commission pieces on bronze or stone that can survive longer than paper, longer than digital, to really communicate with the future. The alien surveyors of 5000 AD will ask themselves, “WTH was going on in Duluth?” I’ve reached out to a few locals with the right skills; I hope to be able to show a nice series by Fall.

Meet Lanue boss, same as La old boss

Music video for “What I Love the Most” below the fold.

All essay series by Jim Richardson

Several ongoing chonky essay series about my obsessions: art, literature, music, my relationship with Lake Superior, the secret history of Duluth, Minnesota, and other stuff. I keep this updated as new installments appear. Thank you to Perfect Duluth Day for the bandwidth.

The We All Belong Creativity Exhibit

The We All Belong Creativity Exhibit, an all-campus art show at the University of Minnesota Duluth with art, poetry and video makes its debut today. It is focused on the 2021 Summit on Equity, Race, & Ethnicity theme: “Being Antiracist, Doing Antiracism.”

Selective Focus: The Old West End

Photographer Nik Nerburn (previously on PDD) has just published a book of photos and stories following the last few years of transformation in Duluth’s West End, more recently and commonly known as Lincoln Park. We get a sneek peek at a few of the images in the book.

Selective Focus: Icy Blue Gitche Gu

Via Instagram, select images of Lake Superior in wintry blue.

The Slice: Snow Sculpting in Lincoln Park

The father-and-son team of Steve and Austin Lentz transform a block of snow into a beautiful snow globe scene at Ursa Minor Brewing in Lincoln Park.

In its series The Slice, WDSE-TV presents short “slices of life” that capture the events and experiences that bring people together and speak to what it means to live up north.

Avant-Garde Women: The Hundred-Jointed Dancer and the Laban Ladies

Art history is weighted toward objects like paintings and sculptures, and so the performing arts have gotten less attention. Dadaism, which began in Zurich in 1916, was an art movement that generated objects — but it was also a highly performance-based phenomenon. The origin and center of Dada activity was in fact a rollicking cabaret. What happened on stage was every bit as important as the paintings on display; this also held true in the later Galerie Dada, which centered around performance-based “soirees.”

A great number of Dada stage performers were women, but art history emphasized the artworks of the Dada men instead. This is slowly being corrected. The female dancers on Dada stages have been characterized as being “associated with” Dada; they have also been called “fringe” members. But the more I look into it, the more they seem like central players. These women were from the nearby dance school of Rudolph von Laban (pronounced like “Le Bon”); Dadaist Hugo Ball called them the “Laban Ladies.” Their star dancer was founding Dadaist Sophie Taeuber, who Ball called the “hundred-jointed dancer.” She was the only person with full membership in both groups, and it was through her that Laban Ladies filled Dada’s stages. Looking at connections between the Dadaists and these avant-garde women reveals: the Laban Ladies were Dada’s secret weapon.

Making it Up North: Sarah Agaton Howes

Sarah Agaton Howes stitched history and culture into her business, Heart Berry, specializing in contemporary Ojibwe art and traditional woodlands florals for a contemporary take on Anishinaabe stories and teachings.

WDSE-TV‘s Making it Up North explores stories of creative artists, artisans and entrepreneurs engaged in honing their skills, following their passion and realizing their dreams.

Avant-Garde Women: Sophie Taeuber, Founding Dadaist

The multitalented Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber was one of the original Dadaists in 1916. Working in many media at the cutting edge of modern art, she went on to Surrealism and more. She remained lesser-known for sexist reasons even while many art historians considered her a crucial and pioneering figure. Her work was overshadowed by male contemporaries, and even though art history tended to minimize her, if anything the situation has all but reversed itself now: her star has brightened while others have dimmed. Decades after her death in 1943, Taeuber continues to emerge from the shadows of the avant-garde.

A note on spellings etc.

Different sources below refer to Dada either as “dada,” “Dada,” “DADA,” “Zurich Dada,” or “Zurich-dada.” All are synonymous for our purposes. The Zurich branch of Dadaism that Sophie Taeuber helped create in 1916 was the founding branch of the movement, propagating to other cities after she moved on. Indifference to standardized capitalization was a Dada hallmark.

Duluth You & Me: Grand Finale

We have reached the end of the Duluth You & Me series. Use this link for a printable PDF to color the final page: Duluth You & Me: Do come back again!

Or, download a PDF of the whole book: Duluth You & Me full PDF

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Duluth You & Me: A Review Game

As the Duluth You & Me series nears its conclusion, we present this review game. Use the link below for a printable PDF to use as your game board.
Duluth You & Me: A Review Game

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