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Duluth Dishwasher Repair

Any leads/recommendations on a dishwasher repair person in Duluth?


These blobs of red clay embedded with pebbles can currently be found at select spots along Wisconsin Point.

Also available on Wisconsin Point: large uprooted trees, juju, spirits.

Where in Duluth? #185

A relatively easy one. Where is this potential/future personal injury claim against the city?

Where in Duluth? #184

2019/20 UnOfficial Upper Chester Neighborhood Luge Course, Test Run, Zero Degrees

Thinking of stretching a net over the street and launching off the snowbank at the end. Also considering an action sequence whereby a pickup truck with a bed full of snow drives by at exactly the right moment to catch the airborne sledder.

We need another foot or more of snow before the course can really shine. The last powdery snowfall is too granular to get any decent speed. What we need is another wet snow and then an immediate deep freeze. I’m confident this will happen. The goal is a solid chute with zero chance of accidental exit on curves or elsewhere.

We’re getting there.

Coffee Micro-roasters in Duluth

Does anybody know of anyone roasting locally besides Duluth Coffee Company and Alakef?

My Parachute

On the day before Thanksgiving 2018, the small airplane I was piloting experienced an engine failure.

It didn’t quit, exactly, though I wish it had. Rather, the engine’s power oscillated uncontrollably every three seconds between idle and nearly full. This is not an easy way to fly an airplane.

The arc of the oscillations slowly moved to the idle side of the curve. Eventually, as the airplane and I approached Earth without the privilege of an airport below, the engine finally gave up altogether.

Fortunately for me, the airplane was equipped with a device engineered to lower the entire aircraft to the ground in an emergency, while providing a measure of survivability for the occupants: a parachute, which is deployed by the occupants via a rocket so they may live to tell their story.

After my rendezvous with the ground, I left the disabled aircraft in a frozen field, broken and askew on a large center-point irrigator, and went home and wrote down my experience. I then posted it on the internet. A few days later, Paul Lundgren, a proprietor of Perfect Duluth Day, asked if I would share my story here. I replied, “I will. But not yet. Maybe not for awhile.”

Upper Chester Unofficial Official Neighorhood Luge Course

Duluth House Painter Recommendations

Jamie Ness, will your crew be ready by summer?

If not, does anyone have any recommendations? We need the exterior painted. Upper Chester/East Hillside. Please leave recommendations in the comments.

Some Questions

What else is lurking out there in the cold water?

How long did these beams and logs and trunks float around the lake?

Where did they come from?

How can I transport them to Upper Chester? Helicopter?

I need stumps

About 16 inches to 22 inches high, two to four of them. Seen any stumps around town? Got any stumps?

Cuz I need stumps.

Duluth Mortgage Lender Recommendations

We are looking for recommendations for a local lender who may work with a family with non-traditional income situations. Experiences and names of those you worked with would be fantastic. Thanks!

In Essentia

Old guy in the locker room at the gym: “I’ve been on Park Point for 80 years.”

Where in Duluth?

School looking for free/cheap mulch or wood chips, delivered

Do you have any leads? We would most likely need it delivered, and could pay a delivery fee, if necessary. It’s for Spirit of the Lake Community School, an amazing little nonprofit Waldorf-based school. Thanks!