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After the Bomb Baby suggests you check out the Funhouse

coming august 09

website will be up soon but if interested in staying on top of what is coming up at the new twin cinema, become a fan of the zinema 2 facepage.

coming in august- Moon & Paper Hearts

i won’t get into the habit of posting these often but wanted to give folks an idea of what pictures we will be opening. i will continue to put together more trailers fer up & comin’ films at the temporary site, zinema2.wordpress.com, until the official page is launched at zinema2.com

they have poured the concrete for the stadium seating and i think there is a wall going up!

coming mid-summer 2009

more soon

Home Movie Day….October 17th


Above is the super great trailer for last year’s HOME MOVIE DAY. On October 17th 2009 HOME MOVIE DAY will be going down here in Duluth. I am posting this call 7months early to get you folks motivated to dig into yer grandparents or parents closet to uncover those beautiful 8mm, Super 8mm or even 16mm films to bring on down and have screened at the soon-to-be-built Zinema 2 on superior st.

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