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Duluth 2014 Primary Election Results

With 4,106 of 4,106 precincts reporting statewide, the full results are in. Listed are the races relevant to Duluth.

Raven & Associates closing; farmers market opening in West Duluth

David Orman announced this morning that his promotional products business, Raven & Associates, will close at the end of July. Orman founded the company in 1997 and changed locations a handful of times before landing in the old West Theater building in 2012.

“We are in a low margin, high touch industry,” Orman wrote to customers today. “As busy as we were, it was really hard to make money.”

Meanwhile, the West Duluth Business Club announced there will be a new farmers market in West Duluth on the lot of the former Westminster Church. Beginning this week it will operate every Thursday into October, from 3 to 7 p.m., on the corner of 45th Avenue West and Grand Avenue.

“In the beginning it will host between 6 and 10 vendors,” West Duluth Business Club President Charlie Stauduhar wrote to club members. “Please, if you can, show up on Thursday and thank the vendors with your support.”

Endion Station Public House opening soon

Endion Station Public House is opening July 25. It will serve pulled-meat sandwiches and Brewhouse beer in the historic train depot on the Lakewalk, and there are plans for live music on the patio.

Red Herring Lounge opens June 5

The Red Herring Lounge has a grand opening planned for June 5-7. For some history on the old building at 208 E. First St., check out the 2013 “Rocket Bar Renovation” post.

Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Eric Swanson’s Mix

Homegrown Rawk and or Roll Eric Swansons MixAvailable now for free download on Bandcamp, 106 megabytes of rawk and/or roll selected by Duluth soundman extraordinaire Eric Swanson, brought to you by the Homegrown Music Festival.

Greysolon Plaza overhang collapses

Photo from Fox 21 News

At about 8:15 p.m. the front awning of the Greysolon Plaza collapsed, presumably from the weight of snow. There are no reports of injuries.

“This is where the talent wants to live”

In the article “A New Type of Growing City,” The Atlantic quotes “the mayor of a city that has similarities to Sioux Falls and Burlington” who “sent this extremely interesting note.”

Who could that have been?

I was particularly interested in your recent story about Burlington. I believe there is a new class of city emerging across the country which are positioned to succeed in the coming decade – a class of city that has not yet been identified on a national scale.

This city is a small/mid-sized regional center. The population range I have been studying are cites between 50-125k. These cities are defined by natural beauty, outdoor recreation, strong and supportive arts community, entrepreneurial spirit, progressive outlook, and a strong sense of place and ethos connected to the place people choose to live. Cities like Burlington, Asheville, Flagstaff, Bend, Missoula, Santa Fe, Provo, and Duluth.

These cities are all at least a couple hours outside of the major metro in their area, which affords them their own character and identity. They are popular destinations for the metro – primarily tourism, but increasingly companies are coming to realize they can locate in these small cities and find the talent they need to find. Because this is where the talent wants to live.

Duluth 2013 Primary Election Sample Ballot

Another Duluth dateline in the Onion

24-year-old receives sage counsel from venerable 27-year-old

DULUTH, MN-Generously bestowing the kind of wisdom that only comes with age, worldly and venerable 27-year-old Matthew Owen took the time last night to offer his enlightened counsel to 24-year-old family friend Dennis Paige.

The world is mud-luscious

Duluth’s Parks and Recreation Dept. has issued its annual plea to the public to refrain from using city hiking trails, snowmobile trails and cross country ski trails until the mud dries up. Refer to the 2010 PDD post “Where to hike in Duluth when it’s muddy,” for guidance.

If you enjoy the mud, well, the Mudman Race will be held at Spirit Mountain on July 20. It features 5k and 10k courses with obstacles to “test strength, endurance and mental fortitude.” So, in addition to mud, you better enjoy hopping over hay bales and climbing through a spider web of ropes.

Just to tie this all together, it bears mentioning that Mud Sisters Pottery will open a new exhibit at Washington Studios on May 10 called “Mud Madness, Mud Magic, Mud Sisters.” It features a collection of functional and decorative pottery, and sculpture in clay and bronze.

Honour, jail and consensual sex

The 2014 race for Minnesota Governor is already underway. Republican Scott Honour, a businessman from Orono, has launched his campaign website. (Amusing sidenote: The announcement page is at “/splash/#prettyPhoto.” Well, it is a pretty photo.)

Zenith City Online launched a redesign today and has delved into the history of the Tycoons Alehouse building, formerly Duluth’s City Hall, answering the question, “Was Tycoons Alehouse ever a jail?” Spoiler: For one year the Rathskeller was home to a holding cell, not an official jail.

There will be a full moon tonight for the Take Back the Night march and I Heart Consensual Sex Party. Sexual Assault Awareness Month will be recognized in Superior as well, with the Speak Out Superior march. Howl like a wolf; hump like a civilized person.

New stuff in Canal Park

The Rustic Olive, an olive oil and balsamic vinegar bar, opened in the Paulucci Building on Dec. 8. The store doesn’t have a sign or a website, but both are coming soon. There is a Facebook page, though. The owners are Tom and Tami Thoma. They have another store in Wisconsin.

Emily and Joel Vikre are planning to open a distillery next to the Rustic Olive. What kind of “spirits” will be distilled is left vague on the Vikre Distillery website, but bourbon and gin are the words on the street. Apparently the state legislature has work to do before Vikre is allowed to offer samples.

One block away, Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe is apparently looking to add a few intoxicating beverages to its offerings. Next week’s Duluth City Council meeting agenda includes a resolution “approving the issuance of an on sale wine license and issuing a 3.2 percent malt liquor license.”

Of course, we are morally obligated to remind you that Canal Park remains a Skateboarders GTFO area.

Jim Carlson: “The Nazis got me again.”

(Video from the Northland’s NewsCenter)

This afternoon Duluth police arrested Last Place on Earth owner Jim Carlson and his son, Joseph Gellerman, on probable cause based on prior sales of illegal controlled substances to undercover police officers.

Both Carlson and Gellerman were transported to the St. Louis County Jail and booked for three counts of fourth-degree sale of controlled substance.

Louis Jenkins Interview

louis-jenkins-mnartistsConnie Wanek recently interviewed Duluth poet Louis Jenkins and Tony Award-winner Mark Rylance for mnartists.org. They discuss their collaboration on the play Nice Fish, which premieres in April.

Nice Fish: An Interview in Three Acts

The Lowertown Line

Twin Cities Public Television is launching a new live-performance music show similar to Austin City Limits. It’s called The Lowertown Line, and the pilot episode will feature Duluth’s Trampled by Turtles. The taping is scheduled for Oct. 24 at TPT’s studio in Lowertown, St. Paul.