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Large-flowered trilliums

trilliums847Have you noticed these suckers are everywhere this spring?

I must see eight dozen wild flowers for every tick I pluck off my socks. Not a bad ratio.

Straight Lake State Park


If you ever wanted to see a state park before it’s a state park, here’s your chance. Straight Lake State Park is about two and a half hours away from Duluth, near Luck, Wisconsin.

It is, legally, already a state park, but don’t look for big brown road signs to help you find it. The tiny yellow marker pictured above is all I found. (And when I asked people at a convenience store a few miles away for directions, the best advice I could get was “try asking at the library.”)

There’s an old ATV trail that runs through it (can’t drive those in there anymore) but otherwise there are not really any established trails, maps, parking spots, campsites, ranger stations, etc. (There are little flags here and there that show where some of those things might go some day.)

It is quite a nice lake, so I do recommend it. I wouldn’t say you should drive the 120+ miles from Duluth for this single purpose, but if you’re in the area, check it out.

Open Letter


Dear manufacturers of pretty much every electronics product,

Thank you so much for including a plastic sleeve for the owner’s manual. It would truly be a shame if such an important document as an owner’s manual were to ever be damaged by dust or spilled liquids during the two minutes between it coming out of the box and getting jammed into a file cabinet.

The ratings experiment is over

For two weeks, Perfect Duluth Day experimented with rating systems for posts (five-star system and thumbs up/down). As you might have already noticed, the ratings have now been removed.

An initial poll showed readers either thought this was a great idea or terrible idea. (The results were pretty evenly split, but slightly leaned in favor of great idea). In practice, however, the ratings didn’t prove useful and interest in them quickly plummeted. In the end, only a handful of people bothered with them.

So now they are gone, perhaps to return another day when a better system can be figured out, or perhaps never to be considered again (except maybe in the comments to this post).

Big Top songwriting contest


Heads up to local musicians:

Big Top Chautauqua is holding another songwriting competition. The long version of the details is on the “Celebration of Song” page of (scroll about halfway down the page).

The short version is, you submit two original songs by June 19. Finalists perform on the Big Top stage August 27 and have a shot at airplay on Tent Show Radio, a $100 cash prize and a chance to play a two-song set opening for Suzanne Vega.

Jacobs Lake, Minnesota

Turtle Lake, Wisconsin

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Liquor Store Math

The Next Level column in this week’s Transistor answers an important question for Duluthians:

Is it worth driving to Superior to save money on off-sale alcohol?

Go Sit on a Wall photo contest winner


Congratulations to Beverly Godfrey, who submitted this winning photo of her children in PDD’s “Go Sit on a Wall” contest. Thanks to all who participated.

Rubber Chicken Theater‘s production of “Humpty Dumpty” opens tonight.

Go Sit on a Wall – PDD Photo Contest

It’s contest time again at PDD. This one’s best suited to those of you with children in need of entertainment. The prize is four tickets to Rubber Chicken Theater‘s production of Humpty Dumpty, which runs May 22-24 and 29-31 at the Historic Scottish Rite Auditorium.

Here’s how to play:

Shoot a photo of yourself and/or friends or family members sitting on a wall. (Depictions of a great fall are optional.) E-mail the photo to contest @ and include your telephone number. Whoever sends the best photo wins. Deadline is noon Friday, May 22.

Any questions? Direct them to the e-mail address above or use the comments section of this post. Good luck. We’ll have all the kings horses and men on standby, but keep in mind that their abilities are limited.

New PDD Feature: Rating Posts

As some of you have already figured out, we added a tool on PDD in which readers can rate how useful or enjoyable they find particular posts.

[UPDATE: Ratings were taken down 15 days after this post went up, so don’t look for them and feel stupid.]

See that row of stars at the bottom of this (and every other) post? That’s where the rating happens. All you have to do is click on the appropriate star to gauge your appreciation. The meaning behind the stars is basically this:

1 star – Lame
2 stars – Somewhat appreciated, but still kind of lame
3 stars – Above average
4 stars – Mint
5 stars – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

A NOTE ABOUT RATING THIS PARTICULAR POST: Rather than rating the quality of this post, please rate the whole idea of having ratings at all, as that will be useful to know. And feel free to comment about it as well.

Upon Reflection

The best thing I witnessed today was a child in a big, green, probably homemade helmet shouting at his friends, “Hey! Somebody punch me!”

Beat that.

Stop! Thief!


Obligatory first tick(s) of the season post

It’s official, yesterday was the Perfect Duluth Day. The ticks are out today. I plucked off my first one at 4:35 p.m. and the second at 4:37 p.m.

And yes, I do post on PDD about ticks pretty much every  spring. It’s what I do.

June 8, 2008
May 11, 2007
June 6, 2005

What Were You Watching?

Taviette Film Productions: Trailer 2008

Parts of this new movie were shot in Duluth.

The premiere is Saturday, May 9, 7 p.m., at the Suburban World Theatre, 3022 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis. It’s free.

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