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That’s some old ce-ment

I Google-mapped Duluth East High School today for various reasons and found that the corner of E. Eighth St. and N. 26th Ave. E. is “Minnesota’s oldest concrete pavement.”

Is that the cobblestone-y stuff back there, and is it seriously the oldest?

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I want more return on my investment.

State Finances: Federal Taxes Collected vs. Federal Funding by State

According to this, Minnesota ranks #50, meaning we get about $0.50 back in federal funding for every dollar in taxes we pay (using 2007-2009 figures).

This does not make me want to take former Senators Dayton and Coleman out for dinner in downtown Duluth.

It also brings this question to my mind:  how much influence do governors have over federal funding?  Are governors involved in the discussion of federal funding in any concrete way?

TEDxUMD Tuesday, March 1!

View the schedule here!

The Kirby Lounge is in Kirby Student Center, one floor down from the bookstore on Kirby Drive or one floor up from the entrance to Solon Campus Center. The public is welcome all day and all evening long.  A new speaker with a new idea every 20 minutes! Remember, free parking on campus after 6:30pm in maroon, white and metered lots. Email Jessi Eaton if you have any questions.

Andrew Archer — Robot Boy!

While this is interesting in general, what makes it PDD material is Dougherty’s reference to Robot Boy from Duluth at about 6:12.

Duluth Electricians

My kitchen is dark, and I don’t like it. I need an electrician. It’s a small job (hopefully). Any recommendations?

Thanks. My underdone chicken thanks you, too.

Amsoil Arena

I went to the game last night and other than the remarkably crappy hockey, I have to say that in my already-addressed 10 years in Duluth, I have never been more proud to be a Duluthian.

What a great building, and as Mayor Ness said, what a great achievement for the men and women who built it and the folks who work there. On my way in I heard employees welcoming people, and on the way out I was thanked for coming and invited back, and it was actually sincere. It’s a beautiful facility and I’m so glad that our community voted to build it.

I think 61% of the city would now vote to get the Bulldogs some defense, but that would be a different referendum.

Anyway, thanks to all of those who worked to get the arena, those who worked on the arena, and those who work in it now. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to many, many more. I would encourage everyone to visit the open house, even if you’re not a hockey fan. It’s going to be a great venue for concerts and other events, too.

It’s official.

I am truly a Northlander. Today, I uttered this sentence:

“I parked all kittywhompus because I was trying not to hit that cat in the alley. Oh, for stupid.”

It only took 9 years.


So yesterday, about 2pm, my husband is up on the roof cleaning gutters and I’m acting as a totally ineffective spotter. I look at the sky and I see six fighter jets accompanying, or being accompanied by, one really big plane. They were high up, like the same height that you see a passenger jet traveling, and they were heading I think southwest (but I’m really bad at that kind of thing).

Did anyone else see this? My two thoughts are: the Blue Angels were in Eau Claire last weekend, but why would they have been way the heck up here? And two, could it have been Air Force One or Air Force Two? Do they travel with that many jets?

Anyway, it was cool.

Duluth Salad Bars in 2010

So since everyone did me right on the cake question on my birthday, now I want to know: Other than Old Country Buffet, is there a restaurant in town that has a salad bar? I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

Today’s my birthday.

So where’s the best cake?

I’m talking about cake I can buy one piece of and take back to my house, by the way.

Excusez moi–c’est Walt?

When did Walt the Zamboni guy become the French curling coach?

Walt Not Walt


There’s an entry on the DNT’s Attic blog about milkmen. Which made me want a milkman to come to my house and bring me delicious dairy-ness. I tried to find someone online, but either my Google-fu is failing me, or the milkman has become extinct.

Anybody doing this still?

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