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Hells Angels FAQ

My favorite question on the Hells Angels Web Site FAQ page: “Shouldn’t there be an apostrophe in Hells Angels?” I don’t think the answer is correct, but, uh, do you wanna tell ’em?

Truth in Advertising

This behemoth was about 30 feet long and aptly named.

Stories from Emerson School Apartments

The “Beloved Character” thread made me curious about people’s experiences at Emerson School. Any stories?

(+trivia question: What best-selling author went to school at Emerson as a boy?)

Any Motorcycle Junkyards near Duluth?

Does anyone know of a junkyard near Duluth which has lots of old Honda motorcycles in it?

The New Boy Scouts


New Chester Creek Books

Just got back from the new book store in the old Seventh Day Adventist Church on 14th East and Superior St. They have nice books and lots of ’em and they’re still expanding into the basement.