July 2018 Posts

Dubz – “Livin'”

Duluth rapper Bryan Wick, aka Dubz, once again enlists the services of Arizona-based Priceless Video Productions on this video for a track from his 2017 release Throw it on My Tab.

Associative Agnosia and a Writer Born in Duluth

Michael Fedo on Associative Agnosia:

During my 1940s and 50s elementary school years in Duluth, Minnesota, I was the only boy in my class who could not identify automobiles by make. Chevrolets, Fords, Plymouths—all appeared indistinct to me. I couldn’t recognize one from another, unless I happened to spot the name on its hood or trunk.

Fascinating read by one of Duluth’s most prominent exports, in the new issue of You & Me.

WDSE-TV Documentary: “Fires of 1918”

The date October 12, 1918 will forever be remembered in this part of the world as a date that didn’t just make history, but erased history. Now, a century later, WDSE-TV presents a new documentary on the greatest catastrophe ever in northern Minnesota.