Duluth Mortgage Lender Recommendations

We are looking for recommendations for a local lender who may work with a family with non-traditional income situations. Experiences and names of those you worked with would be fantastic. Thanks!



about 3 years ago

If you haven't already, go to One Roof Community Housing's Home Buyer 101. 

Only a couple of lenders in the area keep mortgage loans in-house, but that's more of a personal preference issue. One Roof will help you find a lender, too.


about 3 years ago

When I financed I went through Superior Choice Credit Union. Superior Choice and Members Cooperative were my top two contenders - but ended up staying with SCCU. During the process they did say they do their underwriting internally, so if necessary, they can look at other factors not listed on an application (For instance: You're buying a home, but will have two persons paying for the mortgage.) They are really easy to work with, responsive and spend a lot of time explaining different loan options, such as why you might not want to take a first-time homebuyers loan over a traditional one, if you can come up with a down payment.

This was all post housing collapse, but almost five years ago -- so the details may have changed in the interim. 

Best of luck!


about 3 years ago

Define non-traditional income situation. Look up in dictionary.
See "adjunct college instructor" + "adjunct college instructor."

Ok, we might be able to make our income look traditional if we play it right so we might not count. But we had top-notch service from the mortgage banker at the Lakeside Branch of North Shore Bank. I cannot recall her name and it looks like it's not online. But she helped us refinance and it was smoooooooth. They did since sell our mortgage to BB &T, but we've had no issues.

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