Duluth Graphic Designer Recommendations

We are seeking recommendations and referrals for an individual or small design shop to create a logo and branding for a new business. The logo and branding will be utilized long-term, far and wide, here and there, on many objects, throughout expansion … you get the idea.

We hope to engage a smaller shop or a talented individual in the spirit of collaboration that is intrinsic to our business philosophy. Exciting things are happening, and we hope to find someone with an artistic and entrepreneurial vision that matches are own.

If you have a recommendation, please comment here.

If you are a designer or business, please PM us through facebook.com/borealkitchen or email borealkitchen (at) gmail (dot) com.



about 4 years ago

We have had an amazing experience with Michael @ Sek Designs. Very friendly, creative, and collaborative individual. We had some great whiteboard sessions for our iOS app icon and overall app feel that produced results that we are very happy with. Highly recommended!


about 4 years ago

Paul Connolly

Brian Barber

about 4 years ago

Some individuals/small shops, with lots of different styles. I know I've missed some.

Matt Olin - http://matthewolin.com
Erica Fryklepak - http://www.erikawashere.com
Creative Arcade - http://creativearcade.design/work/
Paul Connolly - http://paulmconnolly3.com
Jordan Sundberg  - http://www.tincupontheline.com
Brian Barber - http://www.brianbarber.com/

Dave P

about 4 years ago

Rick Kollath, Kollath Graphic Design. Terrific logos, illustration, and design.

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