Lamp (switch) repair in Duluth?

We have an out-of-warranty IKEA arc lamp whose remote (on the cord between the lamp and plug) switch has gone bad. Where the heck in Duluth does a person go to get a new dimmer switch installed on a fairly new arc lamp?

(I have found PDD to be a very useful space for service recommendations. Let the tradition continue.)



about 4 years ago

This video demonstrates how easy it is to add a switch to a lamp line cord. Chances are it is your existing switch that is bad, so this should apply. I would also recommended the slightly larger version of the switch (which you can find at any Ace Hardware or Menards).  


about 4 years ago

Thanks, Tim.  That helps.

Now I just have to find an inline dimmer switch.


about 4 years ago

I think I once heard that the folks at the Duluth MakerSpace have "broken stuff clinics" occasionally where you can bring in something like that and some helpful person can fix it for you. Sounds like a perfect candidate for that if you lack the skills to do it yourself. Not sure who to contact, but maybe you can look into it.

You might be able to find an in-line dimmer switch at Menards, but I wouldn't hold out too much hope. The interweb might be the best option for finding the part. If you have the part, it is probably a 10-minute job.

Since "lamp repair shops" have faded in our disposable scociety, I don't have a recommendation for a specific shop, but it is possible that the folks at Father Time Antiques would have a resource for such things, or maybe check with the always-helpful folks at Marshall Hardware in Lakeside.


about 4 years ago

Marshall Hardware. 'nuff said


about 4 years ago

I just saw this, but my husband Chris is Duluth Technology Co., and it was he and I who organized the Fix-It clinics with the help of the MakerSpace folks. Unfortunately, the Fix-It Clinics are on a hiatus as our lives got too busy to try to wrangle volunteers every month and then actually host the event. However, Chris still loves helping out with stuff like this, and says he will gladly help you fix the lamp if you want! He doesn't keep regular office hours, but email him at [email protected] if you want to pin him down to meet him.

And thanks, BadCat, for the recommendation!

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