January 2011 Posts

Duluth News Tribune: Online vs. Paper

I am looking for some advice regarding the Duluth New Tribune.  I recently stopped my paper subscription and am now reading the news online. 

My problem is the online edition seems very hard to navigate.  I feel that not all the daily stories are available online, or they may be hidden underneath one of the many tabs.   (I emailed the News Tribune about this and was told that all stories printed in the paper copy are available online but I recently compared them and did not find this true.)

I have also noticed that the stories are displayed in a list, with no separation between “today’s news” and other recent stories.  This has a tiring effect on my mind since I am seeing the same stories for days.

Can anyone recommend a good way to read online so the same information is gleaned, or is this not possible?  I may go back to the paper edition.

Candlelight Ski, Skate, and Snowshoe event at Hartley Nature Center!

Aegri Somnia

For some reason YouTube now allows me to upload clips longer than 15 minutes, so I’m able to put this online without breaking it apart. I shot most of it in Duluth on some very hot summer days back in the early 1980s. The film is older than my adult kids. I’ve never been completely happy with the narration but I still like some of the images. The title translates to “a sick man’s dream.”

Duluth Lakewalk East Extension

The city of Duluth and the Short Elliott Hendrickson engineering firm are holding a design charette for phases 4 and 5 of the Lakewalk East Extension on Tuesday, Jan. 4, at 9:30 a.m. in the Duluth Radisson Hotel’s Great Hall.

The extension will be from 60th Avenue East to Brighton Beach. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2012. Federal, DNR and local funding has been secured.

The charette will discuss possible routes and trail design. RSVP Matt Bolf (mbolf @ sehinc.com) if you plan to attend.

Rockin’ Honky Tonkin’ Blues @ Sir Ben’s

On Friday, Jan 7 at 9PM Bill Flannagan will be playing some Rockin’ Honky Tonkin’ Blues at Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake. It is free.

Sir Ben’s is the only place around that has Surly Smoke on tap — very tasty. Well worth the trip and hopefully you will enjoy the music also.

bill flannagan

A Guy in an Orange Jacket Climbing the Ice at Casket Quarry in West Duluth


I should note that this guy is using climbing equipment, and he’d he dead if he wasn’t, because he fell about three minutes after this photo was taken.

PDD’s little upgrade and the glitch with the Smart Unread Comments plugin

If you’re one of those compulsive people who likes to read every single comment on Perfect Duluth Day, the past few days have been a challenge for you.

The “Comments” column on the left is supposed to show which posts have new comments you haven’t read, but it hasn’t been working since PDD upgraded to WordPress 3.0.4 on Dec. 31.

In the meantime, if you’re noticing anything else not functioning properly since the upgrade, let us know. The comment thing is the only thing we’ve noticed.

UPDATE: The problem was fixed on Jan. 3, so there should be no more issues.

Duluth Housekeeping Services

I am looking for someone who would be able to come on Saturdays, once a month, to clean a small home from top to bottom.  Does anyone have any leads?  I will need references, too.  Thanks!

Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2010

Best Videos of 2010

Together at last, Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2010.