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While perusing wikipedia tonight I found out that the city of Dassel is a 3.2 town.

(oddly enough, there's no mention of Lakeside.)


Yeah, Lakeside should be listed right up there with Ephraim, WI for being a dry municipality.

Isn't Esko also a dry town? I seem to remember hearing that somewhere, but I could easily be wrong.

so fix it. It's a wiki..


just saw that. thanks ironic.

Dassel is not a dry municipality. The Dassel Liquor is located on Parker Avenue. I will fix the wiki.

Sorry - I am unable to change the wiki; my URL has been blocked because I am from a school. Could someone change it for me? The address for the Dassel Liquor Store is 800 Parker Ave W. Their phone number is listed in the Yahoo directory but I don't think I should post it here. I have been there a few times, since the town I live in (Cokato) was dry until a couple of years ago.

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