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Who the Hell is the Rat Root River Band?

If you've never been to the Blue Crab(1909 W Superior St.)- or even if you have- I highly suggest you go check it out on Friday night @ 10. The Rat Root River Band will be playing, along with a surprise guest. It's The RRRB's first gig(!), which is always fun and anxiety-ridden. What does RRRB taste like? Sort of a roasted Haus Meeting with a side of psychedelic relish and three-part-harmony gravy (with giblets). It's art rock, butt without the rock art. Let's show The 'Crab who the REAL experimental venue is in town!


Also coming up at the Blue Crab:

Saturday, Feb. 7th • $2 • 10PM
Elf Lettuce

Saturday, Feb. 14th • $3 • 10PM
Prince Paul & the Conscious Party

In other shameless plug news:
We're opening for PP & the CP on 2/14.

who is the black magic woman?!!

Enough about this, I want to know what Craig is promoting

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