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Ruthless Delilah

Friday evening at about 6:45 I was flipping through radio stations in my car. When I reached "92.1 Lite FM," something sounded weird. The "Love Boat" theme was playing, and some guy was babbling on about technical stuff.

He said things like "3-second station ID" and "upload." It went on and on, while in the background the Love Boat theme continued. Eventually he stopped talking, and the words to the Love Boat theme began: "Love, exciting and new. Come aboard - we're expecting you."

Intrigued, I kept listening.

Then another male voice came on to announce that "Delilah" would begin at 7 p.m. local time, and that at the sound of a certain tone, it was 10 minutes to program start.

So THAT'S what was going on - someone goofed in the control room, and the station jumped to the "Delilah" feed early. So, for at least 15 minutes - if not much longer - 92.1 was broadcasting random filler from Delilah's studios in advance of the nightly dose of soft music and heartwarming chatter.

I listened for a few more minutes as I drove, and caught one interesting snippet. Without warning, the audio suddenly jumped to what I soon realized was a clip of John Tesh appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. In it, he apparently was trying to rap, much to the amusement of Conan and the audience. All in good fun, though he sounded goofy. So why was that being played as filler?

Then I remembered - John Tesh, though not broadcast in Duluth, is probably the biggest radio rival to "Delilah" - he does the whole soft-music, soothing-voice shtick on bunches of stations. Delilah was totally getting in a dig at John Tesh! Ruthless!

The whole thing was nowhere near as good as the Dennis Anderson makeup incident, but fun nonetheless.


This is Delilah... taking the place of caring and concerned friends and family members, I'll lull you into a docile state of numb satisfaction...

Thanks for listening to Delilah... everything is warm and soft in your surroundings, and you feel as if you have just consumed a bowl of warm chop suey and a box of valium... your eyelids feel very heavy...

John Tesh is the anti-christ.

i love delilah! she's like the fake nice dr. laura. we listen to her after sofball games and crack up at the pathetic callers. you can't make that shit up.

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