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real christiany...not!

over at GoodAsYou is a post about a d-nozzle so-called christian literaly up in arms over pepsi-cola. it's time for wing-nuts like these to be held accountable. they really DO encourage violence and WILL hurt folks.


This is totally indefensible. As for being held accountable, it sounds like hate speech and/or terroristic threats which are both felonies and I think it's also noteworthy that he distances himself from his own family because he knows they don't agree with him. the bible demands accountability from Christian leaders and expects that we will operate in community with one another, so ... if he's off on his own then (far be it from me to judge) but it sounds like he's making up his own version of Christianity as he goes along.

Regardless, it is crap and hateful and feel free to keep pointing these inconsistencies out. I, for one, am not afraid of the truth.

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