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Raise the Roof with Joy




Hail to the Culinary Goddesses!!!

The food sounds excellent but I don't know that I would be able to keep it down in a pro-BO atmosphere.


I love the Chester Creek Cafe--great food and great people. This event sounds like great fun.

I have to wonder why someone like the above troll would post a comment to this thread.

it's a feeble attempt at making himself look and feel superior.


I'm wondering whats this person's problem with body odor? Should we be sterile and odor-less? As someone who has been known to reek of garlic, cumin, ozone and gunpowder I say GIVE ME THE SMELLY PEOPLE!

If you'd like to experience a pukefest check out www.chickenhammer.com.

Hi Tony.

Fun fact - in Hawaii, it's never called "spam sushi," it's "spam musubi"...and is available at 7-ll, in grocery stores, etc.

Also, it's "Hawaiian," not "Hawaian." :)

I recommend avoiding chickenhammer.com at all costs.

(nice one, Aleasha)

Shana -
Thanks for the info - it looked wrong to me when I typed it but there was not spellcheck (I'm limited).
I will let Jill and Steph know about the musubi.
Thanks agian,

Baci: I am just guessing here but I suspect BO is meant to abbreviate Barack Obama, not body odor.

BO=Barack Osama, not body odor, lol. It seems some people have a guilty body odor fetish. Well, it takes all kinds I guess. I'll let you know after the next time I'm done shoveling and you can sniff me all over for $100.

ain't my deodorant. i'm not wearing any.

I suspect Baci knew the meaning of BO; his sense of humor is so bone-dry it floats over many heads.

I want to break out in song! I am counting down the days and just hope the door doesn't hit Pres Bush on the butt on the way out!

Happy days are here again. . . .



Woot Woot!

Sounds like a lot of fun - Chester Creek, great food & a great place!

Great people too!

Amen to that, Liz!

Wish we could be there. Sounds like oodles of fun. We'll be watching from sunny florida....which went for Barack Hussein Obama! Woot!

personally, i'm all for the door giving GWB a good whack in the ass.

vic, you are correct. sometimes I'm dry as a BOne. Other times, I'm wet as a whistle, like now because I'm looking forward to some reason, sanity and progressive energy in our country...p.s. -- Hippies smell because they are ALIVE! Yuppies smell because they spray crap all over themselves to not smell like humans.

sometimes there just aren't enough doors, hbh.

Sorry I will miss the Chester Creek lovefest, I am in DC!!!! Talk about a lovefest, people are practically dancing in the streets here. There are signs everywhere, and the concert at Lincoln Memorial was packed, with a multi cultural crowd taking it all in, beginning with The Boss, and ending with President Elect Obama. It just doesnt get better than this though I am sorry to miss spam sushi at CCC.

All hail our first multiracial President!

All hail our first multiracial President!!

And by the way, I happen to like chickenhammer.com!

Oops. Double post.

Guess I look really stupid.

PartsGuy you look stupid b/c you like Chicken Hammer. Ick.

Bring on the spam sushi! What's all the Chicken Hammer comments about?

is there any other events going on tuesday? this one sounds cool though. I am pumped for the end of this era of terror.

Ok, fine. I get it. "I'm not supposed to eat my own poop." So why the hell does it continue to stink so bad?

i saw the chickenhammer website and firmly believe attitudes like that are a big reason for the MAJOR spanking of the Republican Party in the last two elections. What is funny about that site and some of those links, i share a lot of the smae views. i am a hunter and i own guns(legally) but I don't think people should be carrying guns around all over the place. Nor am I afraid President Obama is going to somehow take them away. I am a proud American as well, but I don' think the only way to show patriotism is by waving a flag and putting a yellow magnet ribbon on my pick up truck with an American flag with an eagle painted accross the back window. I am all for national security as well but feel it is more important to have a strong military here at home rather than agitating and legitimizing extremist religious groups. It is sad that brash nationalism and Sean Hannity/Bill O'Reilley type politics are what passes for conservatism these days. I am not a conservative but I know a lot of them and some of their philosophies are really no too bad(balanced budgets, lower taxes etc.) but they have long since abandoned all of those and have blindly followed the likes of Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the religious right wing. I am a big Obama supporter, but if he veers off and does not follow through on his promises to all of us, I will be giving his administration as much hell as I have given the former administration. Alright, I am done now. I hope you all had a great time the CCC and all watch as histor is made tommorrow. I have the song "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" cued up on my iTunes when the ceremony is over.

i will be jigging in the streets once again only tonight it's on the island of st. john! i won't be alone either. he's huge in the v.i.

ps - spam musubi rules.

Wowie wow wow I love it when you all go crazy over a post and lucky us it is about our party this time. The Spam sushi or Spam Musubi (thanks Shana) is on. As well as Some Chili cuz we're dorks and its one of the big O's favorite foods. Look for our Obama bucks, not male deer, but money off your drinks. Party hardy but not quite like they did in South Park.

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