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Perfect Duluth Day Headers for 2009

I created a /headers09/ directory for new PDD banners. Will t3h 1337 PDD admin be switching over to this as they did from '07 to '08? Cheers.


The size of PDD's banners will be changing in a few weeks due to a redesign. So you probably shouldn't spend a lot of time creating new banners right now. Sorry.

More details later.

A new PDD site design will be great! I look forward to it - - and no worries about creating new banners. I'll make some whenever y'all unveil a new template.

I sent an email for a login/password weeks ago and never got a response :( Is this because you're busy with the redesign?

New theme headers better all be goatse themed, or I quit.


Also in agreement.

Aha, the artist himself comments I see.


Martez, I'm told there is a batch of requests for logins/passwords that should be processed soon. Sorry about the wait.

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