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PDD is upgrading NOW...

PDD Upgrade

For all you nerds out there who feel like spending your Friday night repeatedly hitting refresh ... we are currently in the process of switching everything over.

Tic ... Tic ... Boom.


Oh God. Oh Holy God.

JHC! Can you nerds get this done already so I can be the first to comment on the new PDD and so I can go to bed?!

How could you not love that picture? Laptops and booze...

wait, is that starfire with a beard?

And one more thing! Why the hell doesn't Lundgren have the requisite male-winter-Duluth beard like the rest of you?

Grow some hormones, Lundgren!

Back off, Z! I WILL be the last to comment on the old PDD, and first to comment on the new PDD.

(Or maybe I'll just go to bed.)

unlucky for you, i have to get walt to sleep before i can head that way myself.

i very well may be the last person to post on the old PDD.


What is this? Facebook?

(Ba Da Bing)

three words:




Touche', dude.

I give up, you damn teases. I must rest now before a morning flight.


looking at this picture just gives me the overwhelming sense that everything is going to turn out just fine. Other than Lundgren...Hamms? WTF? is that the new PBR? You know the formerly undrinkable skunky beer that is now hip and kitschy?

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