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open letter to Prairie Home Companion

As a resident of Duluth, MN I was once again honored that Prairie Home Companion decided to host a show in our town. So many of us were excited to hear what musical guests would be featured on the program.

I experienced deeply felt disappointment when I found out that no one from our town was chosen to be apart of the line up. Duluth has, arguably, one of the most interesting and unique musical environments I have ever been apart of. I have lived in many cities throughout my life and am proud and humbled – weekly- to live here with such a thriving and exciting music community.

While I continue to gain so much from the music produced here you all, and the listeners of your show, will miss our greatly because of this oversight. It was a loss to say the least.

Perhaps next time through Duluth, MN someone can try a little harder to have local musicians represented.



..and the show goes on forever and the party never ends...

..and the fun goes on forever and the party never ends..


No shit. I was gonna email them and tell them to get Mattson on there, but figured it was too late. It's like they didn't even try. I still love the show, though.

That is so weird, because they are usually jam-packed with local artists when they visit here. I think they are getting lazy. It seems like every time I listen, Suzy Boguss is on. Why?

Charlie Parr has played several shows with the PHC

I know for a fact that the director of the Duluth Central High School band was trying to get a spot on the lineup, as this will be the last year there IS a Duluth Central High School band. Alas the call went out and apparently no way was found in.

I didn't even know they were here again until I read a review. I can understand why local musicians would be disappointed, but they have used locals on past visits and most of their national audience is surely more interested in national names like Ely and Masse than locals. If they're going to make Duluth a regular stop, I don't think you can complain unless you expect them to only use St. Paul musicians when they play there.

I went to the show and laughed my hinder off! It was such a good audience and the musical talent was awesome! Also, I don't think Keillor could have fit another accolade (or joke) about Duluth in the show if he tried. I think he and the show brought a lot of Duluth to the rest of the country during the show yesterday! 'Nough said. Peace out brudders and sisters and be kind to a great booster of our fair city and state.

I was a little disappointed, too. Jerree Small was on a year (or two?) ago and was absolutely amazing, of course. She would have been a great return performer, as well as Any of our other talents here. But hell.
I loved the show and 'tis always a joy to hear Heather Masse. She even has Duluth connections, having performed with Joe Walsh, Duluthian, in Joy Kills Sorrow.

All I'm sayin' is Joe Ely flew up here from the F%$#ING VIRGIN ISLANDS the day of the show. That's ridiculous. Great show though.

I agree, they could have found more local talent. Remember last time, when Milan K (I can never remember his last name), a UMD French prof, sang "La Marseillese?" That was awesome. But I enjoyed the show, GK did mention Duluth a lot, and made our citizens sound hale and hearty.

Remember when Joe Ely used to hang out with Joe Strummer? That was cool. Jo Ely and Joel Guzmann were just a superb bonus for us here in Dull, and thank you to them for flying in from the VI.
Duluth is actually part of a big/small world.

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