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Miracle water or science?


On Saturday, when it was about zero degrees outside, I got in my car to drive to work at about 12:30 p.m. My kids and husband had been outside sledding, and I found a water bottle in my car. It looked odd because it wasn't the least bit frozen. I figured my family must have brought it outside, put it in my car and forgotten it.
"Woo-hoo, water for me," I thought as I picked it up to have a sip while my car warmed up in the garage.
I opened it and started to drink. It immediately started to freeze. Within seconds, there was only a straw-size hole in the top to let out water. I lowered it from my mouth and watched as the whole bottle froze solid in my hand within about 20 seconds.
I asked my family, and they all say they did not put the water there on that morning. At the time, I assumed one of the kids had taken one drink out of it, but now I can't be certain whether or not it was factory sealed.
No one I have told this to can explain it. What happened? Is it air pressure? Jack Frost?



Science, schmience--I blame Mr. Freeze.

"Ice to see you!"
"Let's kick some ice!"
"You're not sending ME to the COOLER!"
"Kia of Duluth!!!"

I've had that happen before - with beer! It was the best Grolsch I've ever had.

I have had this happen to me many a time, actually, due to my habit of putting assorted bottled beverages in the freezer to quick-cool them, and then forgetting about them. I think it's pretty neat, and now I LOOK for it to happen on purpose. But there's nothing you can really do to promote it outside of a lab - it's just kind of luck of the draw.

Thanks, Barrett! You can be my research assistant any time.

... and I have read "Cat's Cradle," so the thought occurred to me that my drink had just become dangerous. Ice-Nine! Aaaaa!

You disturbed the surface tension of the water in the bottle.

beverly- that was my first thought.
ice-9! for the love of God, don't let it spread!

Never observed this with water [drinking bottled water makes Baby Azathoth cry, you know]. It's really funny to supercool beer, although kind of frustrating if you're expecting to be able to drink it right away--there, the release of the dissolved carbon dioxide precipitates flash-freezing when you open it.

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