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Make TV (shameless self-promotion)

Make TV on PBS. Here's a little snippet from episode 106 that premiered in the Twin Cities earlier this week. No word on whether or not WDSE is going to run this series. Other markets have it slated during our Lawrence Welk slot, so I'm not holding my breath. Sorry about the commercial at the front end- my video editing software is not co-operating.


Tim, you need to find an apprentice who can turn your skeleton into an instrument after you die.

But for now, keep up the awesome work.

Awesome. Congratulations Tim.

Kudos to you. I love your instruments.

Wunnerful wunnerful! Nice going Tim. Love that Make magazine. Come on 8, let Welk fade away already. Throw in some peach color tuxedos and no ones the wiser!

Really great piece. Congrats. Where was the concert footage filmed?

Show was at Beaner's last August.

Your passion shows! The phrase "kid in a candy store" should be refrased as "Tim in his music lab"!
FYI: The silver tube you spoke of being a container for cookies looks to me like a Pampered Chef bread tube. Have one, never used it. Place dough inside and after cooking it slides out and you have a cute shaped loaf of bread.

awesome stuff. further congratulations ... whats next dancing with the stars?

Harry Partch is smiling in his micro-tonal grave.

That is completely awesome! I hope the Make show makes it up to Duluth sometime (I'd rather hear this than Lawrence Welk...)
Thanks for sharing!

It's going to be broadcast again in the Twin Cities on TPT channel 2 today (Saturday) at 5 pm.

Very cool - great segment - & wonderful music

Very cool - great segment - & wonderful music

Awesome! Great job, Tim! 'Bout time you got some recognition.

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