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Let Gaza Live


Stop the slaughter!
Rally - this Saturday (January 10) - 12 noon - Minnesota Power Plaza
In solidarity with actions around the world demanding an immediate end to the Israeli invasion of Gaza.
Sponsored by an ad hoc group of concerned citizens - (715) 398-6554 for info.


Funny there is never any rallies about slaughter in Africa. Selective rightous anger?

I'm going to have my own rally about the idiots who are constantly shooting rockets into Israel, too.

It all is heart breaking...An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.


When's your rally? I'm there!!!

The cartoon at the end of this post hits it pretty good.

Rediguana--Did I miss your "Rally" (boy I heart a good "Rally") when those really nice people in Israeli were having rockets shot at them? Maybe if you had that one, this one would not be needed!! Next time try and be proactive instead of reactive.

BTW--No more "Rallys" for me until Al Gore OR Global Warming shows up in the Northland. I'll just Rally from home until then.

Ehud Olmert: "I would like to announce that we are going to cease all military actions against Palastinians. I have come to this decison because of the inspiration generated by an ad hoc group of concerned citizens who stood around on a street corner in a small, northern Minnesota town. Thank you all for bringing peace to the middle east."

How about a rally to keep people in the Twin Ports from losing their jobs?

How about getting a group of people together and saying "please bring more jobs to the northland"?

Keep in mind that what you hear in the U.S. corporate media is a bit different than what the rest of the world sees, and quite a bit different than the truth.

The rockets shot into Israel are pitiful little homemade toys, more a symbol of resistance than anything. Furthermore, Israel launched an airstrike last fall before the rockets started being shot, which is what caused Hamas and other groups to start launching them again in the first place. Israel broke the ceasefire, not Hamas. A grand total of 4 Israelis have been killed by rockets, while over 800 Palestinians, most innocent civilians, have been killed by Israel just since last week.

Blaming the beaten-down, occupied Palestinians, who live every day in the open-air prison that is Gaza, under an apartheid system that treats them as sub-human, is like blaming the Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto for Polish Jews' annihilation by the Nazis.

Palestinians Will Never Forget

And Craig, of course we should have actions demanding more jobs. How about starting with rallying against the mayor's layoffs? Have you volunteered for AFSCME lately?

And while we're on it, why are we here in the Northland more deserving of jobs than anyone else in any other parts of the country? We're in a recession, and what happens in a recession is that people lose jobs. Rather than "bring more jobs here" --implying take them away from somewhere else--we need to be demanding full employment with living wages for all. And if you want that, you'll have to get rid of capitalism entirely to make it happen.

rediguana said:"The rockets shot into Israel are pitiful little homemade toys, more a symbol of resistance than anything."

Now where did I hear that exact same thing earlier today? Oh yeah. From Pat Buchanan. Interesting.

How about a rally to convince Craig to get off his ass and so something about it himself if he feels so strongly about it, instead of expecting someone else to do it for him just because he thinks they should, and to quit berating people for not thinking of it before he did.

that'd be great.

After your Pro-Hamas rally, you really ought to get an AFSCME rally organized. The poor, oppressed city workers are damn near as bad off as the Palestinians. In November 533,000 people lost their jobs in this country. Meanwhile city workers held a protest because they were forced to take four days off. The kicker being that they weren't unpaid as originally stated, but paid vacation days. I have to stop now, I can barely type through the tears...

Why doesn't Allah protect his followers?

The situation in Gaza/Israel is pretty messed up. Neither side can claim any sort of innocence. Yeah Israel's actions are out of proportion, yeah Hamas has been firing rockets blindly into civilians areas, yeah Israel has been virtually starving Gaza while promoting Fatah, yeah Hamas' stated intent is the destruction of Israel.... The fighting needs to stop, Hamas needs to work with Israel, and Israel needs to find a different solution than rockets and airstrikes. The current attempted solution is untenable, and Hamas' use of civilians and civilian institutions are also deplorable. The situation is fucked up and in a sane world all those involved in it in on both sides would end up at the Hague under indictment.

People, people...there's plenty of hate to go around.
Refresh yourself with some of these zesty leftist opinions.

When Israel was created, the UN robbed Peter to pay Paul. Before Israel existed, there was British Mandate Palestine, from which 750,000 people were ethnically cleansed. Neither the occupation of the West Bank, nor the apartheid system in place in Israel, seem to make it into the debate. Recommended reading: "Beyond Chutzpah"by Norman Finklesten. And,yes, targeting civilians with homemade rockets is bad, but state terrorism is no better.And,no, I am not an anti-semite, and Norman Finklestein is not a "self-hating Jew". This thread is getting convoluted and nasty. How ironic that criticism of Israeli policies is more accepted in Israel than in our own country.

It's all pretty ridiculous...

Israel needs to stop bulldozing houses and denying Palestinians the right to live, and Arabs need to stop insisting that Israel must be destroyed. Maybe the rockets are toys, suicide bombs in discos aren't very toy-ey.

"The World is divided into armed camps ready to commit genocide just because we can't agree on whose fairy tales to believe."

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