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Job Available (I know nothing - just passing on)

Visit Duluth sends you this information on behalf of the
North Shore Scenic Drive Council.



The North Shore Scenic Drive Council (the Council) desires to enter a contract with a professional, sales-oriented and self-motivated person who would design, produce and sell merchandise featuring the North Shore Scenic Drive logo. All activity related to logo use and this contract will be subject to the approval of the Council.

The merchandise will consist of clothing, note cards and other gift items as approved by the Council. The merchandise will be distributed, at a minimum, along the North Shore from Duluth to Grand Portage, with potential for additional areas. The contractor will also have the opportunity to develop an internet sales site.

The successful candidate should have sales and customer service background with a history of, and interest in, building client relationships.

The contracted individual will provide start-up capital to cover the costs of design, production and sales of the merchandise, with proceeds from the sales being divided between the contractor and the Council, at a rate to be negotiated.

For more information, contact Frank Vecchio, Council member and Grand Portage marketing manager at his office 807-624-2043, cell 807-628-7121 or email [email protected]

Proposal should be submitted to:
North Shore Scenic Drive Council
c/o Bryan Anderson at ARDC
221 W 1st St
Duluth MN 55802
[email protected]

Deadline for submitting proposal is end of business Friday, February 13, 2009.

It is possible that vendors will be asked to make presentations to the marketing subcommittee of the Council as part of the selection process. The Council desires to select the successful proposal at its March 13, 2009 meeting.

This Request for Proposals is sent to Chambers and CVBs along the North Shore. The Council asks that Chambers and CVBs forward this to retail/gift shop member businesses and that they would forward this to anyone who may be interested in the opportunity.