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Jem Cohen's Benjamin Smoke- itty bitty cine

jan 26th...jem cohen is diggin out a 16mm print for us to feast our eyes on...jem has cranked out some great pictures most recently his award-winning filmCHAIN. He is probably best known for his film, INSTRUMENT, a fairly thorough look at that band that set the d.i.y. standard, FUGAZI. this film tenderly scoops up for us a gem from what was atlanta's underbelly, cabbagetown. benjamin sang for various bands including OPAL FOXX QUARTET but nothing compared to his work with the aptly titled SMOKE. i get bored with the music documentaries but this is the cat's pajamas. 8p.m. 5bux

for those that don't mind drivin i gotta show happenin at THE HEIGHTS in feb...you can take a peek here..thetalkies got john cameron mitchell coming in feb and it looks like todd solondz will be pulling up in march.