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It may be cold, but at least we're getting a good deal

I heard a local TV weather reporter use the phrase "wind chill value" this morning.

I'm familiar with "wind chill factor," which is calculated by the formula WC=.0817(3.71 V^.5 + 5.81 - .25 v)(T-91.4)+91.4, where V = wind speed in m.p.h. and T = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

To calculate wind chill "value," does one incorporate the inflation rate into the equation or what?


You've got the wrong equation. This is the new one: http://www.weather.gov/os/windchill/index.shtml

With that said, wind chill temperature must die. People should be using Frostbite Times instead. This hits home the dangers of exposure more than WC.

"wind chill value" only refers to the comfort and hazard through threshold values of your formula mr. lundgren. the higher the number, the more likely you'll have a frozen fish stick in your pants.

Wind chill value is calculated by multiplying the square root of the public's need for drama by the total number of meteorologists.

This is just like many weather people referring to "today's normal temperature"...
there is no normal temp - only an average of all the other temps on that date.

It means: if the 'wind chill value' is more than value you assign to the intactness of your extremities, don't go outside.

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