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In addition to or place of weight-loss challenges

why not try a Brain-Gain challenge for 2009? As a lover of books and bookstores, I was quite inspired by this Independent Bookstore Readers Challenge. (They also have other great reading challenges to peruse.)

In addition to holding myself to that challenge, I'm also going to challenge myself to attend at least two more literary/educational/art/music/theatre events than I did in 2008, and, more importantly, to make a greater effort to discuss the experiences. I forget the importance of reflection - it'd be nice to share more of those experiences so we can all be a little more informed and inspired for the next event!


If you can get the city council members and the school board members to go, I'll be there. They need it far more than I do.

One of my New Year's resolutions (among many) is to have more conversations about what people are reading, and to ask specific questions about the book. Now I'm going to do the same with the cultural performances I see, thanks for sharing the idea!

One of the things I do on a daily basis is number games. Keeps me sharp on the arithmetic. The daily Sudoku puzzles are a brief but fun challenge.

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