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iddy biddy cine TONIGHT...Benjamin Smoke

jan 26th....jem cohen has cranked out some great pictures most recently his award-winning film CHAIN. He is probably best known for his film, INSTRUMENT, a fairly thorough look at that band that set the d.i.y. standard, FUGAZI. this document tenderly scoops up for us a gem from what was atlanta's underbelly, cabbagetown. benjamin sang for various bands including OPAL FOXX QUARTET but nothing compared to his work with the aptly titled SMOKE. i get bored with the music documentaries but this is the cat's pajamas. 8p.m. 5bux Teatro Zuccone. ITTY BITTY CINE


I hate to be a negative Nelly. I love the fact that there's independent cinema now in Duluth. However I have some issues to bring up:

1) The name. It took me months to figure out that it's pronounced "cinie," not "seen." For that reason I thought you were a web magazine or something. It doesn't help that this post now changes it to iddy biddy instead of itty bitty. I suggest changing it to "itty bitty cinie."

2) Maybe I missed it, but I never saw anything like an introduction, such as"itty bitty whatever is now open and showing independent films." A visit to the website doesn't help much. Who? What? Where? When? The website and these posts launch into esoteric discussions without simply stating the facts.

3) Sentences start with capital letters.

4) Maybe its a budget issue, but it'd be nice if the movies were shown more than once.

I've discussed the first two issues with a few freinds and they generally agree. Best of luck!

i think #3 was a little harsh. some people choose to write in lowercase. blame it on ee cummings?

sorry for my lack of capitalization and for playing with the spelling of itty bitty. i am lazy and retarded. there is no new independent cinema. this was just a brief cineMA series held in the black-box theatre called teatro zuccone. i will be programming a cinema that will be up and running june( god willin') in the basement of 222. e superior street.

I would like to thank Tim for doing this. For a little more backround (I hope I'm not wrong on any of this), Tim is going to run the independent theater that as he stated above will hopefully open in June. He moved here from Florida to do this job, and since the theater hasn't been built yet, he decided to offer some really cool films as something to do and also I assume to create interest in the independent films that will be coming when the theater actually opens. The films are shown in Teatro Zuccone, not a new movie theater. This is basically one guy offering something cool to do on a Monday night. The name Itty Bitty Cine isn't the name of a theater, it's just what he is calling this series of films because they are on 16 mm film. He took the initiative to bring in some cool movies that you can't see in any other theater for people to enjoy. I feel that this is exactly the type of thing that facilitates a unique arts seen. I've gone to two of them, both fantastic and a great, low-key activity to do on a Monday night.

Thanks again, Tim

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