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Hands on History

HCISmarathon.jpg With winter comes .... Great Battles in History class @ Harbor City School. Here's our first battle .. Battle of Marathon (490bce). All students research the units they command, create a profile of the average soldier of that unit and discuss the historical implications of the battle .. oh and the room starts smelling really bad. Here's turn 1.


Cool. I never would have imagined a class would do such a project. Is it a home made project or is it based on minatures? There are a number of "wargames" published that cover that and many many other battles.

Very cool. I wish the classes I took in school were so creative and hands-on.

Wood for sheep.

That's great! Which one of them gets to run 26 miles at the end?

Wood for sheep?

Adam, I'll accept that trade.

yes, I am curious what rules system? Have you looked at the junior general website?


This makes me want to go all 21 Jump Street, and try and enroll in Harbor City at age 36. I may be able to get away with it, I don't look any older than Peter DeLuise anyway.

juniorgeneral! You bet! thats where we're getting the paper soldiers. The kids at HCIS are already massive gamers so they've modified rules. BTW the Persians won the day so there goes eastern Europe. Tomorrow is Agincourt. Students will also watch the 1989 Henry V.

Agincourt is French for "Stupid French Knights."

I would have eaten this kind of thing up.

I hope they read John Keegan's The Face of Battle in advance of Agincourt. Or really in advance of just about any of this sort of thing.

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