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From the Photo Archive | Fall 1989


Here we go, PDD fans. Time to share your memories of Bob's Chop Suey House in Downtown Superior.

The great thing about Bob's Chop Suey House was that it had a number of separate rooms with one table in each room. Even small groups of three ate in isolation from the other customers.

But even better was the bring-your-own-beverage policy. You could grab a case of beer on the cheap at the liquor store, bring it to Bob's, and hunker down for dinner.


Twenty years ago, in the grainy photograph above, I gave the place a thumbs up.


The restaurant closed about eight years ago. It's a tanning house now.


How about those great neon lights on the ceiling. Some I couldn't make out as recognizable advertisments. Last but not least, you had to love the stairs into the place.

Ha! I don't know much about Bob's, but the hair on the right is awesome. More photos!

Bob's would let you bring your own bottle of booze and they would provide the mix. Quite a haven for underage drinkers. I don't remember the food from all the blackouts, but I do remember the full day of cabbage runs that would always follow.

My favorite memory is of the private "booths". I always felt as if I was in a Bond flick. One day I saw a guy skip on his bill and the cook flay after him, cleaver in hand, down the steps.

The cook flayed the thief with a cleaver?

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