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cold schmold .. me want!


see you all at the cult meetings! Different colors for different cult ranks

Or for looking like Count Dooku.

Side note: Hate auto start movies and music. Hate it.

This was the copycat that came out after the real deal: http://www.theslanket.com

I own the Slanket and love it. I only recently saw these other ads and I've owned my Slanket for a couple years.


Self-opening videos = Baaaaaaaa!

I like the post, mind you, but someone need post a bunch of items quick to get this off the front page.

A backwards robe, how... ingenious

Oh my gosh. I thought I had spam on my computer. I couldn't figure out where the ad was coming from!

that bully in junior high gave me a snuggy a few times.

Back in the day, they used to sell a Snuggie Bag, which was like a sleeping bag with arms. My mom had one and it was awesome.

jeez o-pete .. you webbys are persnickeddy. There! got the utoob version. oi! get a snuggie and chill out.

I hate it when my hands get trapped under my blanket!

i love it when my hands get trapped under my blanket...

I think they look like monks. Or, yeah, members of a cult. But I still want one! "Now you can cuddle your baby!"

My plan is to get so fat that a Snuggie is all I *can* wear.

None of the snuggies I ever got were warm or soft, and they certainly didn't come with a book light.

I keep having visions of a snuggie theme party. You know: drinks, a little dancing, lethal static discharge. It would be glorious.

Also wondering if it's possible to have one custom embroidered to say "ME TIME". Or is that really necessary?

Now I can pitch my tent and wear it at the same time!

My favorite scene is the cult members at the football game.

Suddenly I'm overwhelmed by the urge to run to the fabric store and make everyone I know a knockoff Snuggie.

I'm holding out for the "Franciscan Brown" color option. The other colors are all too loud.

get it?

Whither clandestine masturbation?

It's real and my kids are begging for it! I thought this was another one of those brilliant ad-spoofs that Baci and others are prone to finding and sharing for our delight. then this morning right in the middle of "Cake TV" I peer over the top of my new book and there it is.

One additional shocker, the "processing and handling" charge is $15.99. Anyone else remember when $1.50 seemed like a bit of an add-on scam?

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