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January 30, 2009

PDD is upgrading NOW...

PDD Upgrade

For all you nerds out there who feel like spending your Friday night repeatedly hitting refresh ... we are currently in the process of switching everything over.

Tic ... Tic ... Boom.


January 29, 2009

Snuggie Redux...


seems somebody's onto something.

Who the Hell is the Rat Root River Band?

If you've never been to the Blue Crab(1909 W Superior St.)- or even if you have- I highly suggest you go check it out on Friday night @ 10. The Rat Root River Band will be playing, along with a surprise guest. It's The RRRB's first gig(!), which is always fun and anxiety-ridden. What does RRRB taste like? Sort of a roasted Haus Meeting with a side of psychedelic relish and three-part-harmony gravy (with giblets). It's art rock, butt without the rock art. Let's show The 'Crab who the REAL experimental venue is in town!

January 28, 2009

Change is coming to PDD


By the end of January, Perfect Duluth Day will be switching from its current publishing platform, Movable Type version 3.2, to WordPress version 2.8. Please remain calm. You don’t need to buy a converter box or anything else.

Once the switch is made, things will work a little differently, but the site will mostly remain the same. In the process of getting used to it, we hope you won’t bash in your screen with your bare fists.

Here’s what to expect:

For Lurkers: You shouldn’t notice much of a change, except for a fresh design. There is, however, a strong possibility that simple things won’t work for a few days because we broke them due to our technical incompetence.

For Commenters: Don’t worry, the process will be the same as it was before. You might not even have to wait five minutes for your comment to upload, which means you’ll be less likely to make the same comment three times and look like a stupid goober.

For Bloggers: You will have to learn a few subtle changes the new platform requires. Those of you with experience using WordPress should find this transition quite simple. The rest of you will probably think it sucks big ones.

Ads: We'll also be adding a few advertisements to the site that will help us pay our big, fat bills and hopefully fund plans to improve the site further. With all the bitching going on about the local media, perhaps PDD can do something to fill the void. But that's a topic for another day.

Once the initial month of trauma wears off, we’re sure you’ll agree that PDD has changed for the better. In the meantime, prepare to flood our inbox with angry rants. Write to [email protected].

Have a perfect Duluth day,

Barrett & Starfire
PDD founders

January 27, 2009

Living La Vida Matizada: Globalization, Work and Culture

WfP 09 flyer.jpg

Living La Vida Matizada: Globalization, Work and Culture

Living La Vida Matizada: Globalization, Work and Culture
January 30, 2009
5:30 – 6:00 pm
Gathering with light refreshments, cash bar, silent auction and displays of Fair Trade and sustainable products
6:00 – 6:45 pm
Fashion Show featuring Fair Trade and vintage clothing, modeled by community leaders and students
7:00 – 8:30 pm
Program: “Living La Vida Matizada: Globalization, Work and Culture” with speaker David Syring, UMD Department of Sociology and Anthropology; and updates on Latin America

Teatro Zuccone,
222 E. Superior Street,
Downtown Duluth

Suggested donation of $10 for adults and $5 for students.
Bring your wallets and have a great time celebrating and supporting Witness for Peace!
Contact: Lyn and John Clark Pegg, [email protected]
Upper Midwest – 25th Anniversary
Witness for Peace is an international human rights organization that works in partnership with Latin American organizations to build peace, justice, and sustainable economies throughout the Americas.


The College of St. Scholastica Dignitas Program and Stockfestapalooza present:

CharlieParr4857.JPG AlSparhawk783465.jpg

An evening of dignity-themed music and conversation with
Charlie Parr and Alan Sparhawk

Thursday, Feb. 5 | 7 p.m. | $5
Mitchell Auditorium, College of St. Scholastica

Hot tip: Send an e-mail to Chris Godsey (chris.godsey @ gmail.com) and he'll put you on the list at the box office so you can get in free. Tell him PDD sent you.

January 26, 2009

The Local


Starting February 18th I will be hosting a local music show on KUMD called simply enough "The Local." It will air on Wednesdays from 5-6pm and I will be playing local and regional music as well as a weekly music calendar and interviews. There may also be live performances but I have to get my feet wet first.

In order to make this the best show possible I need your help. KUMD has a pretty good collection of local music but it is far from complete so if you are in a band and have not sent your discography to the station now is the time to do it. Simply send it to the station at the address below or if you see me out and about I will gladly get it there for you.

I am excited to finally be on the air legally and I hope you all give the show a listen. Thanks.

attn: The Local
130 Humanities
1201 Ordean Ct.
Duluth, MN 55812

You may also drop off discs at my shop at 1131 E 4th St.

iddy biddy cine TONIGHT...Benjamin Smoke

jan 26th....jem cohen has cranked out some great pictures most recently his award-winning film CHAIN. He is probably best known for his film, INSTRUMENT, a fairly thorough look at that band that set the d.i.y. standard, FUGAZI. this document tenderly scoops up for us a gem from what was atlanta's underbelly, cabbagetown. benjamin sang for various bands including OPAL FOXX QUARTET but nothing compared to his work with the aptly titled SMOKE. i get bored with the music documentaries but this is the cat's pajamas. 8p.m. 5bux Teatro Zuccone. ITTY BITTY CINE

January 25, 2009

Doctor Thunder's Words of Wisdom Vol. II

"37% of most things are accurate. 68% of that accuracy has been traced back to inaccurate results."

January 24, 2009

In addition to or place of weight-loss challenges

why not try a Brain-Gain challenge for 2009? As a lover of books and bookstores, I was quite inspired by this Independent Bookstore Readers Challenge. (They also have other great reading challenges to peruse.)

In addition to holding myself to that challenge, I'm also going to challenge myself to attend at least two more literary/educational/art/music/theatre events than I did in 2008, and, more importantly, to make a greater effort to discuss the experiences. I forget the importance of reflection - it'd be nice to share more of those experiences so we can all be a little more informed and inspired for the next event!

January 23, 2009

open letter to Prairie Home Companion

As a resident of Duluth, MN I was once again honored that Prairie Home Companion decided to host a show in our town. So many of us were excited to hear what musical guests would be featured on the program.

I experienced deeply felt disappointment when I found out that no one from our town was chosen to be apart of the line up. Duluth has, arguably, one of the most interesting and unique musical environments I have ever been apart of. I have lived in many cities throughout my life and am proud and humbled – weekly- to live here with such a thriving and exciting music community.

While I continue to gain so much from the music produced here you all, and the listeners of your show, will miss our greatly because of this oversight. It was a loss to say the least.

Perhaps next time through Duluth, MN someone can try a little harder to have local musicians represented.

January 22, 2009


Contact: Joel Rosen
Tel. 218-389-3306
[email protected]
PO Box 307 Carlton MN 55718

2009 Annual Meeting - Dinner & Events

The Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association will be holding its 2009 Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 31st , 2009 at Peace United Church of Christ, 1111 N. 11th Ave, Duluth, MN 55805. All are welcome to participate in educational workshops led by local farmers & enjoy a local foods dinner of hearty winter soups and homemade bread. Evening will end with keynote speaker Randy Hanson, "On Bees' Wings: Growing a Community Food System"

3:00 PM -- Welcome and Registration
3:30 PM -- Workshops
4:45 PM -- Business Meeting
6:00 PM -- Local Foods Dinner
7-8:00 PM – Keynote, Randy Hanson: On Bees’ Wings: Growing a Community Food System

1. Interpreting Soil Test Results for Organic Soil Management - What Does It
All Mean? Photosynthesis, Respiration, Nitrogen Fixing, and the Mysteries of
Soil Test Interpretation, John Fisher-Merritt, Food Farm
2. Direct Marketing Meat and Poultry: Opportunities and Challenges.
Topics include processing, consumer needs and distribution, Mark Thell, 4
Quarters Holdings
3. Seed and Vegetative Plant Propagation - Learn techniques for successful -
plant propagation from seed and cuttings, Deb Shubat, Shubat’s Fruits
4. Lake Superior Farm Beginnings - Learn more about SFA's effort to support
and train more successful local farmers, Cree Bradley, Lake Superior Farm
Beginnings Facilitator

$15/Adult for SFA members, college students, and seniors
Children under 10 free

# # #

The Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association (LSSFA) is a nonprofit coalition of
producers and consumers moving farm practices and food systems into a sustainable future.
We support the development and enhancement of sustainable farming systems through
innovation, demonstration, education, and farmer-to-farmer networking.
LSSFA is a participating regional chapter of the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota,
a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation. www.sfa-mn.org

Duluth's finest Hatten Family singing Apple Tree for CBS Early Show Family Singing Contest

January 21, 2009

DTV conversion test

Wed. nights for the last 4 years I've gotten together with a swell bunch or cats called Tangier 57. Now we're testing systems so that we can webcast our rehearsals/cd recording sessions/psychedelic elevator rides. You're invited.

Mystery Pipe

What is this thing on Park Point? How did it get there?

pipe 1.JPG

pipe 2.JPG

pipe 3.JPG

Bonus photo: The most climbable tree on Park Point

January 20, 2009

Saturday, January 31 @ The Main Club


Romance at Glensheen

Valentine's Poster Glensheen .jpg

More Information Online

Yes, We Did!


January 19, 2009

Why YOU should bethinking linux

Yep...and with a price point between $200-300. This is only a prototype. Keep an eye on these guys before the borg show up and "assimilate" them.

January 18, 2009

A/V: Details Coming Soon!


January 16, 2009

Raise the Roof with Joy


Good way to keep warm in Duluth

Who for sewer?

We are one of the lucky 250 households to get the official "Change your sewer line or else" letters. We have gotten 3 quotes each about $2000 apart. We are looking at the cheapest bid and am wondering if anyone has dealt with Shelton Excavating for this type of project. In doing the bid, they were professional, timely and knowledgeable so they seem like a decent choice, especially since they are $2000 cheaper than the next quote.

January 15, 2009

Adios, Duluth!

interior #3.jpg

For those of you who didn't know, it was a lovely little fine art supply store and gallery, and occasional site of various musical happenings. I still have lots of inventory and displays, which I hope you will be pleased to know are all discounted!

ALL ART SUPPLIES AND GIFTS 25-50% OFF, while supplies last! Paints, brushes, screen printing products, canvases, handmade papers... it all has to go!

The slatwall and it's accessories, displays, including our fantastic portable indoor/outdoor walls for displaying artwork, are all available as well, and so on, and so forth.

The decision to close was not an easy one. I would like to thank all of the local artists who made a point to support an independent, locally owned business. I am truly grateful! And through May I will still be hosting shows featuring the work of local artists and various classes and events, so please keep an ear to the ground.

Best Regards,
Maria Sippola- proprietor
Bohemia Arts
22 N 1st Ave W
Downtown Duluth

Rabbit Hole at the Playground


Becca and Howie Corbett have everything a family could want, until a life-shattering accident turns their world upside down and leaves the couple drifting perilously apart. RABBIT HOLE charts their bittersweet search for comfort in the darkest of places and for a path that will lead them back into the light of day.

Thursday through Saturday, January 15 through 24, 2009 - 7:30pm

Tickets available at the door beginning at 6:00pm
Or purchase advance tickets online now at www.duluthplayground.org

January 14, 2009



Ricardo Montalban 1920-2009

"I am not a number, I am a man!"


R.I.P. Patrick McGoohan

January 13, 2009

Martin Luther King Day in Duluth

martin luther king 2.jpg

MLK day is this monday, 1/19. Check out www.mlk-duluth.org for info. Among the many local events that day is an open mic/ gathering at the Kozy Bar, 2nd avenue East and 1st street in Duluth. 7-10pm. All musicians and speakers are welcome!

Screen Printing Class


Ever wanted to know more about Screen Printing? I can teach you. I am offering a 2 day screen printing workshop with plenty of hands on instruction. I haven't set any dates yet but we would meet on a Wednesday evening and a Saturday morning. Right now I am just wondering if anyone would be interested. Cost would be $50 plus any shirts you want to print on. Class size is limited to 6. Send me an email if you want to know more.

That is all.

cars & trucks + batteries friday


cars & trucks + batteries this friday


Jem Cohen's Benjamin Smoke- itty bitty cine

jan 26th...jem cohen is diggin out a 16mm print for us to feast our eyes on...jem has cranked out some great pictures most recently his award-winning filmCHAIN. He is probably best known for his film, INSTRUMENT, a fairly thorough look at that band that set the d.i.y. standard, FUGAZI. this film tenderly scoops up for us a gem from what was atlanta's underbelly, cabbagetown. benjamin sang for various bands including OPAL FOXX QUARTET but nothing compared to his work with the aptly titled SMOKE. i get bored with the music documentaries but this is the cat's pajamas. 8p.m. 5bux

for those that don't mind drivin i gotta show happenin at THE HEIGHTS in feb...you can take a peek here..thetalkies got john cameron mitchell coming in feb and it looks like todd solondz will be pulling up in march.

January 12, 2009

Crayon Physics

Crayon Physics Deluxe from Petri Purho on Vimeo.

Sherman's March tonight at 8p.m!

for a whoppin' 5bux you can see mr. McElwee's super great film that doesn't concern itself much with General Sherman or his rampaging march. teatro zuconne. itty bitty cine

January 11, 2009

Play Hex.

Hexxagon made by Neave Games

January 10, 2009

For those of you wondering...

...Takk for Maten - the Scandinavian cafe downtown on Lake Avenue - has suffered a bit of a setback but WILL REOPEN!

A steam pipe malfunctioned, flooded the store with like 200-percent humidity air, and did stuff like warping the floors and melting all the chocolate.

They're cleaning things up and will be closed a few weeks. There already was some ongoing renovation work on the front of the building - so it may kind of look like the place is gone - but they're planning on coming back better than ever.

If you hadn't yet heard about Takk for Maten, here's a link to an earlier PDD post

January 09, 2009

Job Available (I know nothing - just passing on)

Visit Duluth sends you this information on behalf of the
North Shore Scenic Drive Council.



The North Shore Scenic Drive Council (the Council) desires to enter a contract with a professional, sales-oriented and self-motivated person who would design, produce and sell merchandise featuring the North Shore Scenic Drive logo. All activity related to logo use and this contract will be subject to the approval of the Council.

The merchandise will consist of clothing, note cards and other gift items as approved by the Council. The merchandise will be distributed, at a minimum, along the North Shore from Duluth to Grand Portage, with potential for additional areas. The contractor will also have the opportunity to develop an internet sales site.

The successful candidate should have sales and customer service background with a history of, and interest in, building client relationships.

The contracted individual will provide start-up capital to cover the costs of design, production and sales of the merchandise, with proceeds from the sales being divided between the contractor and the Council, at a rate to be negotiated.

For more information, contact Frank Vecchio, Council member and Grand Portage marketing manager at his office 807-624-2043, cell 807-628-7121 or email [email protected].

Proposal should be submitted to:
North Shore Scenic Drive Council
c/o Bryan Anderson at ARDC
221 W 1st St
Duluth MN 55802
[email protected]

Deadline for submitting proposal is end of business Friday, February 13, 2009.

It is possible that vendors will be asked to make presentations to the marketing subcommittee of the Council as part of the selection process. The Council desires to select the successful proposal at its March 13, 2009 meeting.

This Request for Proposals is sent to Chambers and CVBs along the North Shore. The Council asks that Chambers and CVBs forward this to retail/gift shop member businesses and that they would forward this to anyone who may be interested in the opportunity.

Saturday, Jan. 10 at Mr. D's


Retribution Gospel Choir * Acceleratii * The Alrights * Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank
The Undesirables * The Sellouts * Corwin & Scott * Brian Maruska & Sam Maida

Silent auction starts at 4 p.m.; music at 5 p.m. More details here.

Peace & Justice Events THIS Weekend

There are a couple of important peace & justice events going on this weekend. I urge you all to try to attend, and to spread the word.

1. On Saturday at noon there will be a picket in solidarity with the suffering people of Gaza [death toll is nearing 800!]. The protest will be at the MN Power Plaza [Lake Ave. & Superior St.] in downtown Duluth. We'll have some extra signs on hand, but feel free to make and bring your own. This event is being organized by an ad hoc group of activists.

2. On Saturday evening, at 7pm, there will be a meeting talking about setting up a sister city relationship with Rania, Iraq in the basement of the UCC Peace Church [corner of 11th St. E. & 11th Ave. E.]. This event is being organized by Michelle Naar-Obed.

3. Then on Sunday, Jan. 11, the Northland Anti-War Coalition will be holding its January planning meeting. It'll be at 2pm in the library of the Unitarian-Universalist Church at 835 W. College St. We had to cancel our December meeting due to a blizzard, so this one is especially important. We'll be reviewing our December week of action, Steve Carlson from Trego will be coming up to report on the recent United for Peace & Justice convention in Chicago, we'll be talking about Gaza, and possible spring actions against the Iraq & Afghanistan wars. Bring your ideas and your friends!

Adam Ritscher
Northland Anti-War Coalition
P.O. Box 16853, Duluth MN 55816

real christiany...not!

over at GoodAsYou is a post about a d-nozzle so-called christian literaly up in arms over pepsi-cola. it's time for wing-nuts like these to be held accountable. they really DO encourage violence and WILL hurt folks.

This show is tonight in MPLS


It would be nice to see some friendly faces if anyone is south of Hinckley. Might I point out that 2/3rds of the bands are from Duluth.

Let Gaza Live


Stop the slaughter!
Rally - this Saturday (January 10) - 12 noon - Minnesota Power Plaza
In solidarity with actions around the world demanding an immediate end to the Israeli invasion of Gaza.
Sponsored by an ad hoc group of concerned citizens - (715) 398-6554 for info.

January 08, 2009

Make TV (shameless self-promotion)

Make TV on PBS. Here's a little snippet from episode 106 that premiered in the Twin Cities earlier this week. No word on whether or not WDSE is going to run this series. Other markets have it slated during our Lawrence Welk slot, so I'm not holding my breath. Sorry about the commercial at the front end- my video editing software is not co-operating.

Mother's Day Walk/Run Call Out For T-Shirt Designs

This year is the 25th Anniversary of the Mothers Day Walk/Run. The event will be held on May 9th, at the DECC, and we have some fun and exciting things planned to mark our Silver Year!

We are asking community members, breast cancer survivors, artists, and people engaged in the conversations surrounding breast cancer to submit t-shirt design ideas this year. We hope to have a truly wonderful piece of artwork to make this year's event t-shirt even more memorable. Please submit designs to the YWCA of Duluth by January 22nd, 2009 for consideration. Please keep designs to 3 colors, and please incorporate the YWCA of Duluth, and the Young Survival Coalition in the design. The Mothers Day Walk/Run will retain all rights to the artwork, and it may be used on t-shirts, and print media.

For more information, contact Cara at 218-722-7425 x 126 or email [email protected]

January 07, 2009

Miracle water or science?


On Saturday, when it was about zero degrees outside, I got in my car to drive to work at about 12:30 p.m. My kids and husband had been outside sledding, and I found a water bottle in my car. It looked odd because it wasn't the least bit frozen. I figured my family must have brought it outside, put it in my car and forgotten it.
"Woo-hoo, water for me," I thought as I picked it up to have a sip while my car warmed up in the garage.
I opened it and started to drink. It immediately started to freeze. Within seconds, there was only a straw-size hole in the top to let out water. I lowered it from my mouth and watched as the whole bottle froze solid in my hand within about 20 seconds.
I asked my family, and they all say they did not put the water there on that morning. At the time, I assumed one of the kids had taken one drink out of it, but now I can't be certain whether or not it was factory sealed.
No one I have told this to can explain it. What happened? Is it air pressure? Jack Frost?


Hands on History

HCISmarathon.jpg With winter comes .... Great Battles in History class @ Harbor City School. Here's our first battle .. Battle of Marathon (490bce). All students research the units they command, create a profile of the average soldier of that unit and discuss the historical implications of the battle .. oh and the room starts smelling really bad. Here's turn 1.

rama llama mama drama with trauma in bahama with obama diorama-rama 4

What's the word? Will there be one? A friend of mine wants to know. Please post info.

Edit: Fixed for more ama-y goodness.

January 06, 2009

Perfect Duluth Day Headers for 2009

I created a /headers09/ directory for new PDD banners. Will t3h 1337 PDD admin be switching over to this as they did from '07 to '08? Cheers.

January 05, 2009

i think i missed my calling


While perusing wikipedia tonight I found out that the city of Dassel is a 3.2 town.

(oddly enough, there's no mention of Lakeside.)



$18.2B in Carbonated Beverages

2008 Nielsen Top 10 Ratings are out.


cold schmold .. me want!

Voices of the Lake Speaker Series


“1855-Lake Superior’s First Tourists Arrive”

Join us for the Voices of the Lake speaker series on Thursday, January 8th, 2009 at 6:30p.m. as Duluth Historian Ronald Mershart gives us a glimpse into the expansion of tourism to the Lake Superior Region. Today tourism is the backbone of our local economy but not so long ago, the Lake Superior Region was considered a wild unknown to settlers in the east. In the middle of the 19th century city folk began to explore this area lured by the opportunity to see new people, wildlife and landscapes. The middle of the 19th century was a time of great exploration and expansion throughout North America. People were heading west to “wild” parts of the United States, and this included the Northern Frontier. Railroads began to expand west and steamships carried tourists to new destinations. Newspapers, magazines, and novels began to romanticize the Wild West piquing the interest of travelers. Duluth was easy to access by train and steamer and thus became a popular tourist destination.
The Voices of the Lake speaker series takes place on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm in the Great Lakes Aquarium lobby. The cost of the presentations for the general public is $3; GLA members are free. Parking is complimentary. For more information on the speaker series please contact Sara Kubarek at [email protected].

Congratulations Senator.

It may be cold, but at least we're getting a good deal

I heard a local TV weather reporter use the phrase "wind chill value" this morning.

I'm familiar with "wind chill factor," which is calculated by the formula WC=.0817(3.71 V^.5 + 5.81 - .25 v)(T-91.4)+91.4, where V = wind speed in m.p.h. and T = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

To calculate wind chill "value," does one incorporate the inflation rate into the equation or what?

January 03, 2009

From the Photo Archive | Fall 1989


Here we go, PDD fans. Time to share your memories of Bob's Chop Suey House in Downtown Superior.

The great thing about Bob's Chop Suey House was that it had a number of separate rooms with one table in each room. Even small groups of three ate in isolation from the other customers.

But even better was the bring-your-own-beverage policy. You could grab a case of beer on the cheap at the liquor store, bring it to Bob's, and hunker down for dinner.


Twenty years ago, in the grainy photograph above, I gave the place a thumbs up.


The restaurant closed about eight years ago. It's a tanning house now.

Ruthless Delilah

Friday evening at about 6:45 I was flipping through radio stations in my car. When I reached "92.1 Lite FM," something sounded weird. The "Love Boat" theme was playing, and some guy was babbling on about technical stuff.

He said things like "3-second station ID" and "upload." It went on and on, while in the background the Love Boat theme continued. Eventually he stopped talking, and the words to the Love Boat theme began: "Love, exciting and new. Come aboard - we're expecting you."

Intrigued, I kept listening.

Then another male voice came on to announce that "Delilah" would begin at 7 p.m. local time, and that at the sound of a certain tone, it was 10 minutes to program start.

So THAT'S what was going on - someone goofed in the control room, and the station jumped to the "Delilah" feed early. So, for at least 15 minutes - if not much longer - 92.1 was broadcasting random filler from Delilah's studios in advance of the nightly dose of soft music and heartwarming chatter.

I listened for a few more minutes as I drove, and caught one interesting snippet. Without warning, the audio suddenly jumped to what I soon realized was a clip of John Tesh appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. In it, he apparently was trying to rap, much to the amusement of Conan and the audience. All in good fun, though he sounded goofy. So why was that being played as filler?

Then I remembered - John Tesh, though not broadcast in Duluth, is probably the biggest radio rival to "Delilah" - he does the whole soft-music, soothing-voice shtick on bunches of stations. Delilah was totally getting in a dig at John Tesh! Ruthless!

The whole thing was nowhere near as good as the Dennis Anderson makeup incident, but fun nonetheless.

January 02, 2009

Ever "Donate" Plasma?


I just called the place on Superior Street today.

I'm wondering if anyone has had first hand experience. The person on the phone was quite nice and said they just got Wi-Fi. Just looking for some insight.

January 01, 2009

Twin Ports Banks Doing Well

At least according to this list they are. Found on this website, this is a list of all the banks in the U.S. and their corresponding Texas ratios. What's a Texas ratio?

"Developed by Gerard Cassidy, the Texas ratio is a measure of a bank's credit troubles. Basically, the higher the ratio, the worse the situation is for that particular bank. Banks with a ratio of 100 and higher are in very serious danger of collapse, and banks with a ratio of 50 or higher are vulnerable."

Twin Ports-based banks and their corresponding Texas Ratios
Park State Bank - 22
Superior Savings Bank - 15
Community Bank - 13
Republic Bank, Inc. - 13
Superior Bank - 9
Pioneer National Bank of Duluth - 9
North Shore Bank of Commerce - 6
Western National Bank - 5
National Bank of Commerce - 1