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"The suspects left the scene with an undisclosed amount of money"


Two armed suspects robbed West Duluth's Dollar Tree store last night. I want to be the first to say there's nothing funny about that.


"I want $27 in small, unmarked, nonsequentially numbered bills..."

I was held up in my church 9 years ago and a couple weeks (it was in Advent) by a gunman with a ski mask. Talk about the wrong place to rob! He made off with the $4 I had in my pocket and Charlotte's purse, which had next to nothing in it.

By the way, you know how they say you never know what you'll do until you're there in situations like that? My first response was to laugh, which was probably not the response the guy wanted.

The funny thing is that if he had walked in without a gun and simply asked for help I could have hooked him up with lots of different agencies or give him a voucher for 20 pounds of food.

We need smarter criminals, obviously.

They might have made off with a lot, actually. People who use CASH shop at the dollar store. AND Dollar tree revenues are up over 15% in the last 12 months. Big Deal? Compare that with TOYOTA which is projecting its first operations loss in like ... the modern era. And major US manufacturers have been taking it on the chin for what seems like almost forever. Even local companies like Genesis Manufacturing and Cirrus Design and so on are losing money as sales drop precipitously. These are companies that sell actual durable useful items. But dollar tree is rolling in coin. And what do they sell? Cheap crap. A lot of it is actually stuff that other stores PAY them to haul away ... and I would know because I shop there about two or three times a month. So I'll include myself in this group. Americans are stupid ... think about the economic choices we are making. People are still spending money, they're just using it to buy crap.

the death thrashing of the demon of consumerism is violent. All hail social democracy with titular a monarchy!

Note to self: Don't stick-up the airplane factory.

got got away with a dollar

got got away with a dollar

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