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Season's Greetings!

Most of you youngsters at PDD probably have no recollection of the London Inn (where most of this footage was shot) but back in the 1960s-70s it was THE place to be and be seen on Duluth's east side. Now it's a Chinese restaurant. I have no explanation as to why I shot this film. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


I was looking to see if I knew any of the characters - thought a possible Dad sighting - due to the content.
It took place in my current 'hood.
Thanks for the look back!

That was strangely wonderful.

Nice. Cool cars and eyewear.
Back in Nebraska, we called that the Papillion Salute. All my friends from Papillion
(suburb of Omaha) did that every time a camera was pointed their direction.

I dig the guy that flapped his arms to signify "the bird."


People who die without ever having had an order of London Inn onion rings will never have lived. I always order mine extra crispy. You could do things like that back then.

Beautiful footage...I kinda feel nostalgic despite having never existed in that era.

Very cool.

One word: sideburns!

Also, God those are sweet cars. Heavy V8 American metal. So f'en sweet.

Kinda wish I was born, uh, earlier. Today's cars are so light, wimpy and galldarned efficient. Plus, now sideburns are retro instead of cool.

Steve, Jeff & Gil!

I used to cut the onions for the London Inn onion rings in the early and mid seventies. Looking back in my mind the memorys are good. Then The Inn moved to were Perkins east is. There were alot of great bands that played at thier new bigger location in the late seventies(like the Flaming O's).

I enjoyed the holy hell outta that short!

Please give us more!

I was kinda waiting for one of them to give the finger : ) - just kiddin'

Thanks for this - loved the footage & yes, the cars were great!

So, my question is... Was flipping the bird just a common response to a person with a camera or was that a planned motif?

Great footage. Very 70s.

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