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Is there an echo in here?

Comrades! There is an insiduous virus attacking Perfect Duluth Day. It's called "Clicking the 'Post Comment' button two, three, four, sometimes FIVE times"!

Please, do as Dear Leader Mr. Chase has kindly instructed: "Click Only Once!"

Be assured that by clicking once, your insightful comment will appear, all in good time.

So be patient, go do something else, then come back and refresh your browser. And...Kaazaam! Your comment appeareth.


I myself have only done this like once, before I realized there was a delay. Which leads to my question...Why is there such a long delay? Not trying to be a dick or anything. I like this site and appreciate those who keep it up and running. Just curious is all.

The reason is thus: When you push "Post" your comment enters a vaccuum tube, travels to the 9th dimension via Fargo, heads south on Interstate 40, takes a break at the Lazy 8 truckstop in Souix Falls, is decoded by red-haired elves in the mens room, who then flush your comment down the 3rd urinal, whereby it enters the Magical Road to the General Electric mid-orbital satellite, and finally is re-sent to Six Apart's server in Mexicali. That's why.

Well now that I know the explanation, I'm amazed at how fast my comments appear

As one who recently had multiple versions of a post appear, I'd like to point out that I hit the post button once, waited for a few minutes, got an error message that suggested my post was not able to be posted, then tried again (twice), each time getting the same error message. I am not normally a computer dweeb who would impatiently click the button multiple times. I assumed the error message meant the post did not go through. I do not recall what the error message said, but it was sufficient to suggest my post had not gone through. Perhaps other recent repeated posts happened for similar reasons?

how many times are you supposed to click it??

how many times are you supposed to click it??

how many times are you supposed to click it??

how many times are you supposed to click it??

ditto on receiving an error message when posting.

Here's why it happens:

Every time someone comments, Movable Type has to rebuild the pages that the post appears on. When lots of people are reading and several are commenting, it's very taxing on the system, causing the delay. Also, I think there is a problem with the server right now because there seems to be a problem with posts as well.

But! You won't have to fret much longer! Let me be the first to say it here: PDD will soon be UPGRADING ITS ENTIRE WHATDOYOUCALLIT! We'll be replacing all the doodads and polishing the bells and whistles! Get ready for the new, Wordpress-based PDD in the next month or so.

Or don't hit "refresh" when your Blackberry says there's been an error and you'll be ok

Just to comment briefly: there have been a few posts, sometimes terribly long-winded -- where I received an error message -- that just didn't show up at all; bits lost in space, as it were.

I like the site and am excited to see the upgrade.

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Seriously: If you click "post" more than once, you're going to end up looking really stupid.

If you don't see your comment after it's published, try refreshing your browser.