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December 31, 2008


Ever wonder why the bridge seems to go up while incoming ships and ore boats are way out in the lake and stays up seemingly longer than need be once a ship passes through?


Read what happened here: http://www.boatnerd.com/windoc/

(Bonus points for whoever can come up with a clever, inevitably sophomoric, but hopefully non-clichéd comment about the wheel man's name.)

2008: Bad year for Duluth

We lost Pasek Pharmacy (in its original incarnation), Bayside Market, European Bakery and Daugherty's Hardware. All were long, long-time Duluth business, and I would argue, institutions of the community.

We are all poorer for the loss of these businesses.

What does this say about Duluth? What does it say about the businesses themselves? Is this a factor of the current economy, or has this been a long time coming?


December 30, 2008

From a Different Set of Archives-Puddle Wonderful December 29, 1995


I was going through my files and found this article from the Duluth News Tribune dated 12/29/1995. Of course my scanner is down right now so I had to use a photo.

The End


Bayside Market closes Wednesday at 6p

I'm a new kid on the block at Park Point. And I'm a renter at that - so I really can't imagine the loss for the old-timers of their community market. I'm sad and I've only been here since July. Being able to walk somewhere to buy things you need - like milk - and things you really don't need - like plastic squirt guns was a true luxury.

If you live off the Point you might not know that one could "keep a book" at Bayside. It was a pay ahead account, but of course some of them have slipped to be in the minus and then people come in once a month to make it straight.

So every time you went in for a carton of eggs or waved from the gas pumps to start filling your car, it was rung up and balanced against your account notebook. All the books were kept in a simple cardboard box at the register. This arrangement, while rare today, certainly isn’t anything new. I mean, we’ve all seen “Little House on the Prairie” with the Olsens tallying up the ledgers for the General Store. It’s the same concept. I regularly sent my 8-year-old down to the market with a list she had written out in that special "I'm a kid" penmanship. I could trust that Mel would help her find whatever we needed.

It was an arrangement based on trust and that's a pretty rare and special thing. It will get even rarer at the end of the day tomorrow.

(I filed a radio story about this for public radio's Marketplace Money, but it hasn't aired yet. I'm beginning to wonder if it ever will.)

Sherman's March by Ross McElwee- Itty Bitty Cine

In two weeks on Monday Jan12th this film screens in the format it was shot in, 16mm. Teatro Zuccone 8p.m. Thanks to everyone who came out last night and held on to the bitter end. ITTYBITTYCINE

December 29, 2008

Happy birthday Jim

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DJR - The Spinner of New Hipness

Join DJR at the Brewhouse tonight for the best in local and independent music.

Brewhouse Beer is only a dollar from 10pm to Midnight, Every Monday. What are you waiting for? Come on down!

Text Brew to 39649 for details.

Luce. New Years.

4.jpgThe Tisdales
Equal Xchange (Ray the Wolf Lives!)
The Bitter Spills
MC RaeLynn

All Ages
10 pm

The view through my windshield


Photo taken as I waited for the heater to warm up the frost on the inside of the windows.

December 27, 2008

Two Many Banjos | New Year's Eve | Twins Bar


Two Many Banjos will play a free New Years show at the Twins Bar up on 4th Street in Duluth. 9pm - close. Free. Champagne at midnight!

December 26, 2008

Cube unsolved.

I started thinking about puzzles recently since the little tetris test. This conundrum got me thinking and I decided to share. Met a kid at a bar that gave me the challenge of not having more than two pieces on a face of the same color on a rubik's cube. Well, here you go. This is me brute-force tackling the problem and mime-explaining it. Feel free to call me an idiot for posting it, but what the heck. The holidays have been a bit boring for me.

For those in the geekness, I'm using Lars method but with all edges flipped, top corners turned clockwise, and bottom corners turned counter-clockwise (you have to do it that way because of parity).

Happy Holidays!

a peek at L.A. self-loathing in Los Angeles Plays Itself

for the 2nd film in the itty bitty cine program we have the opportunity to see and hear thom andersen's super great film-essay on the identity of Los Angeles that is created thru the pictures that are made there. here is a clip from the film. running time is about 2 1/2 hours starts at 8p.m. monday the 29th at the teatro zuccone. for more info head to ITTY BITTY CINE5bux

thanks to adam, turtle and ____(sorry i cant recall yer name) for coming out to the first screening.

December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays to you!

December 24, 2008

Here's the scoop on the best snow-moving weapon


I inherited this sliding scoop with my house out in the country, and it has been a lifesaver. I actually prefer it over my little egg-beater snowblower. There's no name on it, but I think it might be the Solem & Sons snow scoop referred to by Todd Gremmels on the earlier thread.

It works so beautifully - scoop up about four or five shovels' worth of snow, slide it along the ground, slide it up the designated snow pile, give it a good shove and let the snow tumble over the other side.

Almost no lifting involved. If the snow is wet, scoop less; if it is powdery, scoop more. Put it exactly where you want it. I clear my driveway in no time and, while I'm tired afterward, I never get back pain.

No gas and maintenance, either.

I dread the thought of anything happening to it. I may have to go buy a back-up just in case.

Even the dog likes it.

December 23, 2008

not sayin, just sayin

Paul Lundgren Blagojevich.jpg

Now, Paul, about that vacant council seat....

Just in time to be too late for Christmas!

RawkRollLindy666.jpg RawkRollStarfire666.jpg

These fancy CDs with songs by local bands are available online. Or pick them up at the Electric Fetus, if you want them before Christmas.

Science Report

A couple weeks ago I asked you, on behalf of my daughter, to play Tetris and the play Tetris while talking on your phone to see how you did. You wanted to see the results. The results are in!

"The suspects left the scene with an undisclosed amount of money"


Two armed suspects robbed West Duluth's Dollar Tree store last night. I want to be the first to say there's nothing funny about that.

I won again, for the 800th day in a row!


I've been using Yahoo! Mail for a decade, and recently I've wondered why the company wants so desperately to drive me away. I guess it's because I'm not a paying customer, so scamming me is the only way to pay the bills.

I'm curious if any PDDers have ever had the nerve to "Click 2 Claim" and see what they're selling. I can't bring myself to do it. I have this vision of an arm popping out of my monitor, grabbing my credit card and flipping me the bird. And then my inbox would be filled with child porn and all my music files would be replaced with Kia of Duluth commercials.


Expo Bout - Harbor City Roller Dames


December 22, 2008

It's Flippin' Freezin! Wear Your Mittens.

IMG_1641 (Small).JPG

What is a mom to do with her free time? Why knit of course! Need warm woolens? Let me knit some for you. I am only limited by the colors that Yarn Harbor keeps in stock. I can knit mittens in stripes, solids, furry edges, and plain.

$20 a pair. ($25 if you buy them in the store.)

It's cold, you NEED mittens!

I will not be back to Duluth until after the holidays, but you can email me @ [email protected]

I would be happy to meet all of your mitten needs. Need them right away? You can purchase them at Country by the Lake, just over the lift bridge and to your right. They sell my 'mitten art'.

Merry Christmas!

What’s your weapon of choice?


I use a Steel Core 24-inch Pusher from Suncast Corporation. I give it a satisfactory rating, but I’m looking for something more versatile.

The Steel Core works great for cutting through icy snow banks after the city plow comes through because it has a galvanized steel strip at the bottom. But the steel strip is also its downfall. This shovel can’t be used on wooden decks or it will damage the surface, and it stops cold on the slightest sidewalk crack.

The other fancy features, like the fiberglass shaft with sure-grip resin sleeve, and the D-grip handle are all fine and dandy, but the best shovel I ever had was a wooden stick with strong plastic scoop. That shovel broke last winter after many years of excellent service. Oddly, though it was an awesome shovel, the company didn’t have its brand name imprinted on it.

Knowing the Steel Core would rip up my deck, I bought a second Suncast shovel last winter that didn’t have the steel strip. It broke within a month.

Every store I go to seems to carry only really flimsy plastic shovels, or ones with a steel strip. Where can I find what I need, oh Duluth snow removal experts?

December 21, 2008

Solstice in Duluth

Any one know of any public celebrations.

Solstice is Today at 6:05 pm Local, I believe. Correct me if I have that wrong..

December 20, 2008

Ice, Odometer

These photos don't capture the magic, but it's pretty cool down there, folks. An icy lunar landscape. I wouldn't yet wander past the "edge" of the hard stuff, but pretty soon we'll be able to climb the big ice hills and stare out into the icy nothingness. Could we actually get another "skateable" Lake Superior this year?



And for no particular reason, except that I was bridged at the time, here's the odometer of the old Benz, which shows no signs of slowing down.

And a bad sweater was had by all.


Images from the Bad Sweater Party at Pizza Luce.

more smiles (redux)


"The sponsors of Proposition 8 argued for the first time Friday that the court should undo the marriages of the estimated 18,000 same-sex couples who exchanged vows before voters banned gay marriage at the ballot box last month."

story here.

it's clear that these clowns simply aren't going to stop, are they? i'm wondering how they sleep at night.

never mind the blatant unconstitutionality of Prop 8 to begin with. the last time a constitutional amendment was used to take away the rights of individuals was prohibition, and that was repealed with yet another amendment a few short years later. the point being is that constitutional amendments cannot be used to discriminate against any single demographic of citizenry.

the article does mention that cali's attorney general has reconsidered his position on the amendment (which has yet to be ratified, correct) and is asking the cali supreme court to void the proposition.

December 19, 2008


December 18, 2008

Rally Tribute Song


In honor of Barrett and Paul on their 36 birthday, I offer Horatio Lee Jenkin's "Drunker Than Satan." It's like if Slim Goodbuzz re-wrote the "Devil Went Down To Georgia." Happy birthday from the U.P., aye!

December 17, 2008

The Rally


Come celebrate Barrett & Paul's 36th birthdays at a Chinese-American restaurant on a weeknight! I'm unsure as to whether or not they still serve deep-fried frog legs, but there's a full bar and plenty of MSG to go around.

"Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis"

Just a little inspiration for writing those holiday cards and letters.

All-points bulletin

Do you know anyone with a maroon SUV? Do you know if that SUV picked up some unexplained big-time dents and busted radiator today?

Well, they may be the person and SUV responsible for taking out my mailbox (and my two neighbors' mailboxes, too) out in Rice Lake Township today.

I've witnessed six - SIX! - cars spin out within 100 feet of my driveway since yesterday afternoon - and those are just the ones I was around to see.

But this one SUV is the only spinout that caused damage. And, the driver sped away - fishtailing and leaking antifreeze - before I could get close enough to see the license plate.

Given the awful road conditions, I would have been in a very forgiving mood had the driver stayed put and owned up to the damage (he/she also took out my neighbor's fence). But now, I'm in a very, very unforgiving mood.

I'm in the midst of making a temporary replacement mailbox post to get us through until spring. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone sees a damaged maroon SUV - possibly a Honda or Toyota, with a big dent above the rear passenger-side wheel - in their neighborhood or at a local garage, send me an e-mail at [email protected].

Thursday Night Special...

Best of 20082.jpg

This should be a real fun time. Matthew Perrine of the Budgeteer will be my co-host for this special 5-hour show, and we'll be joined by special guests throughout the evening.
Feel free to call in during the show and give your personal "best of" list.

Recommended by Santa himself


Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Lindquist's Mix
CD Release / Shaky Ray Bad Sweater Party
Friday, Dec. 19 | 9pm | Pizza Luce

- Admission is free; CDs are eight bucks
- Live music in the bar by Tony Derrick and Dave Mehling
- Lindquist will be DJing
- Prizes for worst sweater
- CD includes tracks by Retribution Gospel Choir, the Alrights, the Keep Aways, Trampled By Turtles, Southwire and more -- available at the Electric Fetus and other locations real, real soon.
- Dusty Olson is still banned from the premises.

December 16, 2008

Child Names

Ok, really bad children names are kind of a pet peeve/fascination of mine. The "Jordan Michael " birthed yeras ago in my hometown was kooky. The Hmong family the next town over who named their kid "Trans Am" was worth a chuckle, but this...



"JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell and Adolf Hitler Campbell."

Eh? I hope one of them becomes a famous civil rights activist, or does something else of great irony.



all of my holiday shopping dilemmas are solved!

Why is it everytime I try to reply to a post....

I get this message:

"Can't call method "id" without a package or object reference at /var/www/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/CustomFields/lib/CustomFields/Template/ContextHandlers.pm line 174"

Best Music of 2008

I always like this list.. A good way to find some new music. Here is my best of in no particular order.
The Oh Sees - The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In
Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
Santogold – Santogold
Department of Eagles – In ear park
Vivian Girls – The Vivian Girls
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!




December 15, 2008

hell yeah.

god is an astronaut

Winter Solstice

cosmic pit orchestra
Music/Arts - Listening Party
Friday, December 19, 2008
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Duluth Art Institute, Lincoln site
2229 West Second Street

Ritual Story-Telling: the Great Unfolding of the Universe from the Point of View of our Galaxy, Solar System, Earth, Country, City and Selves (with a bit of rope and lotsa candles, toys, music, poetry and puppet witnesses).

Asking the eternal question, "Will it ever be summer in Duluth again?"

Doors open at 6:00, Suggested donation:$5

6:30 Musical Ritual by the cosmic pit orchestra:
Richie Townsend (electric guitar and ceremony) & Kathy McTavish (cello).
Readings by poet: Sheila Packa.
Visuals: Mary Plaster & Duluth's Giant Puppets.
*Sammy Macon is unable to make it as planned. :(
Anyone else? See you there!

December 14, 2008

Tom and Jerrys

Tom and Jerry.jpg

Though I am not much for drinking much other than beer, this time of year makes me crave Tom and Jerrys and this afternoons storm was the perfect opportunity to have the first of this season.

How do you like them? Store bought batter or homemade? Brandy, rum or both? Nutmeg, sprinkles, fruit or other garnish?

I laughed very hard!

December 13, 2008

Everyone Wants Soup!

Habitat for Humanity/Civil Rights Study Symposium Fundraiser:
Soup, Silent Auction, Harbor City Art and Music
December 18th, 2008

There will be a soup dinner followed by a silent auction, art, and music on December 18th to fundraise for the upcoming Habitat for Humanity/Civil Rights Study Symposium. Students will be traveling to Mobile, Alabama, to build with Habitat. Along the way, the group will stop in Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery, Alabama, to gain a first hand perspective of the Civil Rights Movement. They will also travel to New Orleans, Louisiana, to see how the city has recovered since Hurricane Katrina. On their return to Duluth, students will stop in Memphis, Tennessee, to visit the site of Martin Luther King's assassination on MLK Day. It is sure to be a powerful experience for all participants.

Please show your support for the trip by attending the soup dinner, silent auction, and night of art and music scheduled for December 18th at HCIS. Soup will be served from 5:00-6:00, with a silent auction to follow. Prices for the dinner are $7.00 for adults, $3.00 for students, and $12.00 for families. The HCIS Art Gallery featuring student art will open at 6:30 and the HCIS Chamber Recital featuring a variety of chamber performances will begin at 7:00. Donations will be accepted at the event or anytime at HCIS. Make checks payable to HCIS.

Please join us for an evening of delicious soups, art, and music, in support of a wonderful cause. See you there!

Speaking of 19th Avenue East

akjuneau's post, below, reminded me of this video from a few years ago. I think it may have been posted before on PDD, but it is worth a reminder as a cautionary tale.

Winter driving in Duluth

OK, readers... do you consider yourself an expert at winter driving in Duluth? I'm looking for your input. What is the best way to get up and down the hill in the middle of a snowstorm?

It looks like we're going to get a big snowfall this weekend, and it also looks like I may have to be out and about in the middle of it. From your experience, what is the best way to get from atop the hill down into downtown and points east? What roads get plowed first? Which should be avoided?

I know the simple answer is to not drive... but I may have no choice.

Woodland and 21st Avenue East seem like they should be avoided, and the same with 19th Avenue East... or am I wrong? Is Mesaba the best? Or maybe Kenwood? Central Entrance?

I will take your advice into account, and I promise not to hold it against you if my car and I have an unplanned encounter with a light pole.

December 12, 2008

Peace Protest THIS Saturday!


Saturday, December 13 @ Noon
Assemble in front of the Duluth Whole Foods Coop [610 E. 4th St.] for a march past SMDC to the Central Hillside Community Center [Lake Ave. & 4th St.] for an indoor rally.

-Mujtaba Alwan, CSS Amnesty International
-Joan Najbar, Military Families Speak Out
-Bob Kosuth, Northland Anti-War Coalition
-Mike Rogge, Lake Superior Socialist Action
-Spokesperson from AFSCME on behalf of laid off city workers

Tomorrow is the big day! On Saturday, the Northland Anti-War Coalition will be holding a march and rally against the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The theme of the protest is “Human Needs, Not War!” – with a particular focus on the demand for “Healthcare, Not Warfare!”

This march and rally will cap off a week of action, that has included Duluth’s first ever student walkout against the war. We have organized these events as part of the national week of actions that was called by the National Assembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars & Occupation. Despite the elections in November, neither the war in Iraq or Afghanistan are winding down – and the talk from the incoming administration is of even more military spending, and an escalation of the war in Afghanistan. Regardless of what candidates one voted for in November, it’s important to show that we are still opposed to war and occupation. It’s important to continue these physical manifestations of anti-war sentiments – to both keep this issue alive in our communities, and to put pressure on Washington. We hope that you’ll join us on Saturday. And bring a friend!

-Adam Ritscher
Northland Anti-War Coalition
P.O. Box 16853, Duluth MN 55816
(715) 394-6660

P.S. We urge folks who drive to the protest to either park in the street, or in the parking lot behind the Whole Foods Coop [their employee lot, which they’ve agreed to let us use] rather than their main, front parking lot. We’ll have some extra signs for folks to carry, but feel free to make and bring your own. For those who won’t be able to do the march, but want to attend the indoor rally, we’re expecting to arrive at the Central Hillside Community Center at around 12:45pm. If anyone in the Twin Ports needs a ride to the protest, you can call me at (715) 394-6660 – but call and leave a message before 10:30am on Saturday.

Bye Bye Bettie, Pinup Queen

Bettie Page
RIP Bettie Page.

itty bitty cine begins dec 15th 8p.m. w/POT,SPOON&JUG


a trailer(point yer mouse over that still of mr. jarrell) of sorts is found for the first film in the upcoming POT, SPOON & JUG 16mm shorts program. the program begins at 8p.m. on dec 15th and will be at the Teatro Zuccone on superior street. 5bux (all proceeds go to 2nd Harvest)

more info about the series can be found by clicking on the ITTY BITTY CINE

December 11, 2008

Play Tetris... for Science!!!

tetris.jpgSo, my daughter needs your help. It's for science, so I'm sure it's okay. Here's what she needs you to do by next Tuesday, December 16.

1. Play Tetris.

2. Play Tetris while talking to someone on the phone. Don't talk about the game you're currently playing, though.

3. Send her your scores (off the phone and on the phone). (Also send if you've played Tetris before or not, your age and gender, and where you're playing. (These could be variables that affect the data.))

That's it, really. So, remember, you're not wasting time. You're helping a teenager with her science project.

Chris Monroe Holiday Party. This Saturday.

Season's Greetings!

Most of you youngsters at PDD probably have no recollection of the London Inn (where most of this footage was shot) but back in the 1960s-70s it was THE place to be and be seen on Duluth's east side. Now it's a Chinese restaurant. I have no explanation as to why I shot this film. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Dirty Sexy Denny


This was probably the best thing I've seen on TV in months. During tonight's episode of Dirty Sexy Money, someone down at WDIO punched the wrong button or threw the wrong switch, and suddenly the Northland viewing public was treated to Dennis Anderson doing his makeup.

I could've watched this all night, but alas, like a beautiful shooting star or the flicker of a lightning bug, it only lasted for a few seconds.

December 10, 2008

Buying Local?

Buy Local Books!


Since the Duluth News Tribune only seems to do stories on books that won't be released for months (such as Daniel Lancester's forthcoming "John Beargrease: A Legend of Minnesota's North Shore," reviewed this past Sunday but not due out until almost February!), I thought I'd help myself and other regional authors/publishers by listing some new titles here. So, if you have any readers on your list, consider stuffing one or more of these titles into their stocking (list after the cut):

• For fans of fiction, Anthony Bukowski's revised edition of "Twelve Below Zero" and Carol Bly's posthumously published first novel, "Shelter Half," published by Duluth's Holy Cow! Press (www.holycowpress.org). (Bukowski also has a new collection of short stories by another publisher titled "North of the Port".)

• For the railroad buff: "Delivered With Pride, a Pictorial History of the Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railroad" by Jon A. Severson, published by Superior's Savage Press (www.savpress.com).

• The best of an Iron Range columnist: Aaron Brown's "Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range," published by Duluth's brand new Red Step Press (www.redsteppress.com).

• The Best of a Duluth Columnist (mayhaps a gift for your parents?): Jim Heffernan's "Cooler Near the Lake: 52 Favorites from Thirty-Four Years of Deadlines," published by Duluth's X-communication (www.x-communication.org)

• For the Duluth History Geek: "Crossing the Canal: An Illustrated History of Duluth's Aerial Bridge," by Tony Dierckins, also published by X-comm (www.x-communication.org). X-comm also has clearance prices on Duluth Eskimos Shirts ($10) and backlist books for as little as $5. (Yes, this entry qualifies as shameless self promotion!)

• And for the kids don't forget last summer's "Monkey with a Tool Belt" by Chris Monroe, published by Carolrhoda Picture Books, an imprint of Lerner Books (www.lernerbooks.com).

If I missed any other new regional books, please fill in what I've left out.

Besides the publisher's web sites, most of these books are also available at local book and gift shops, most of them locally owned--and that would also help local retailers!

You go, Quinn Carmichael!


City Pages visits Duluth to see what kind of brave souls partake of winter boarding.

December 09, 2008

Will It Be Warmer By The Lake? Global Warming Explained

Presented By:
George Kessler
Northlands Newscenter Meteorologist

December 11th, 2008
At Great Lakes Aquarium
GLA Members: FREE; General Public: $3

hot weather.jpg

Ice melting at the polar ice caps, global temperatures rising, and ocean currents changing...are these all part of Global Warming? Join us for the December Voices of the Lake Speaker Series as Meteorologist George Kessler explains the ins and outs of Global Warming. What effects could it have on our region? Should we prepare for colder and longer winters and hotter summers? Mr. Kessler will separate the facts from the fiction and give us a better picture of what is happening with our planet.

For more information on the Voices of the Lake Speaker Series please contact Sara Kubarek at [email protected] or 218-740-2013.



*excludes art and consignment items
UP TO 50% OFF!!
ALSO, all artwork by proprietress/owner Maria Sippola
is priced to MOOOOVE!
while supplies last!
22 N 1st Ave W. - 722.2919

Pinewood Racing at Carmody.


Overall winner Anthony and his Beer Truck.
Fastest car-Chad
Best in show-Starfire and his Pirate Ship car/boat.
Best paint-Carolyn and her Partridge Family Bus.
Peoples choice-Steve and the Black Cloud.
Most offensive-Dick and his Bloodstool.

More pics after the jump.










You asked for it

Pictures from Kamikaze:

kamikaze 1.jpg

kamikaze 2.jpg

December 08, 2008


I'm under the impression that the Rock 'n' Roll Kamikaze was on Saturday. At the very least, I got text messages and photos from Hotrod, from Charlie Brown's in Superior, indicating that he was in the Twin Ports as a Kamikaze Judge.

And yet, no stories. No pictures. Nothing on blogs. How am I supposed to live vicariously through you all if you aren't posting stuff?

Was it a total bust? Were the prescribed cover songs too difficult? Did Rich Mattson show up and play Glenrustles songs in the bathroom, leaving Pizza Luce's dining room deserted?

Answers, son.

the itty bitty begins dec. 15th @ 8p.m.


December 07, 2008

After you fall into the half-frozen creek ...

You'll decide to get somewhere warm immediately, before your clothing freezes to your skin. That's a good idea.

What you might forget to do is loosen your boots. If your boots are tied tightly, the laces will freeze and you won't be able to get your boots off when you get home.

This is also true with zippers and buttons.

Hello, Duluth!


We're moving to Duluth for 4 months while my husband works in a neighboring town. We are a homeschool family looking for educational opportunuties during the week. I am wondering if anyone knows of "field trip" locations during the week that I may enrich my children's education. I have a 9,6, and 3 year old. We are quite familiar with Duluth and even lived in your fair city for 4 years. We are up quite often, but usually now only on the weekends. I need to know what is offered during the week.


I am so excited to be back!

December 06, 2008

Twins bar poster #2

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Is there an echo in here?

Comrades! There is an insiduous virus attacking Perfect Duluth Day. It's called "Clicking the 'Post Comment' button two, three, four, sometimes FIVE times"!

Please, do as Dear Leader Mr. Chase has kindly instructed: "Click Only Once!"

Be assured that by clicking once, your insightful comment will appear, all in good time.

So be patient, go do something else, then come back and refresh your browser. And...Kaazaam! Your comment appeareth.

December 05, 2008

Two Tremendous Twin Ports Readings

Prolific Prose Poet, Louis Jenkins, reads from his newest collection of prose and poetry, European Shoes this Sunday, December 7th, 3:30pm at the Quaker Meeting House 1802 E.1st. Always entertaining - make sure to come out to hear him read and to pick up a copy of his book!

For more information on Jenkins or European Shoes, clik on to Norlight Lit Life

Savvy Short Story Master, Anthony Bukoski, will be reading from his revised and expanded collection of short stories Twelve Below Zeroon Thursday, December 11th, 7pm, in the Multicultural Center at UW-Superior, Old Main building room 232.
(a review of his work to be up on Norlight Lit Life in the not too distant future!)

Hoping you can support local literature as you enjoy local music, theatre, food, crafts, etc. etc.!

Clarification about tonight's show!


Just a bit of clarification for tonight's show - the lineup is Tim Kaiser (10 pm), if thousands (11 pm), Tangier 57 (12 pm). Thanks & hope to see you there!

Taconite at the Twins Bar Saturday

taconite sound wave.JPG

With opener Kyle Sitter building loops live at 10, Taconite at 11.

Get it Local!


Swing on buy and get your Christmas shopping done. Look for the new Monroe/Starfire Tote bag collaboration!

Dink Tank: Green Living (NSFW)

You wanted edgier sketch comedy and now you've got it. In promotion of Dink Tank's 2nd sketch comedy show, "A Special Holiday Special," which opened last night at Teatro Zuccone, Dink Tank has released this video short, "Green Living".

"A Special Holiday Special" runs Dec. 4-6, 11-13 and 18-20 at 8:00 p.m. at Teatro Zuccone. Fair warning: This show contains adult material...definitely not suitable for children or the easily offended. Check out http://www.renegadecomedytheatre.com/ for more show details.

Help Save Lifehouse

Lifehouse is a Duluth nonprofit serving low-income, high-risk, and homeless youth, ages 14-21, by assuring access to housing, education and employment opportunities. They are in desperate need of funds to continue their work. There will be a fundraiser held this Friday, December 5 from 4:30- 6:30 PM at Life House Youth Center. The center is located at 102 W. First St., Duluth. Help support the fundraiser by volunteering to:

* bring 3 dozen cookies or bars
* spread the word about the event with your friends, family, coworkers, and others
* help set up for the event December 5 beginning at 3:30

Email Belissa Ho at [email protected] if you want to help. You can visit Life House at www.lifehouseduluth.org.

December 04, 2008

Terrorism USA: The CIA's Greatest Hits


WHEN: Wednesday, December 10 @ 7pm
WHERE: Room 333 of the UMD Kirby Student Center in Duluth
SPEAKERS: Heather Bradford, Mike Rogge, Carl Sack & Adam Ritscher

WHAT: You're invited to a public forum on the history of the CIA. Does the world’s most prolific sponsor of brutal military coups have the right to call political dissidents “terrorists” or accuse other countries of “state-sponsored terrorism?” Millions have been tortured and killed as a direct result of U.S. intervention abroad through the CIA, usually in the name of “freedom” or “democracy,” but with the ultimate motive of enriching a tiny minority and creating a pro-corporate puppet regime. This forum will dish up a selection of CIA terror on several continents—and how to stop it.

SPONSORED BY: Lake Superior Socialist Action and UMD Students for Peace

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend this event. After the presentation there will be an open discussion period. For more information, or to reserve a ride to this event, feel free to contact Socialist Action at any of the following addresses:

http://the-red-raven.blogpsot.com - P.O. Box 16853, Duluth MN 55816
[email protected] - (715) 394-6660

A Beautiful Rescue



Yet another cool thing getting its start in Duluth. Silent Auction and Benefit Concert for the kick-off is tomorrow night. So ... if you show up you'll be getting in on the ground floor. How often do you have an opportunity like that?

Trouble in PotteryVille...

I woke up this morning with THAT feeling! I had solved my Holiday gift giving dilemma - the obvious answer - CREATE MY OWN GIFTS! (duh)....so, I made the call to Duluth Pottery where I have spent many hours creating tiles and bowls, hoping to be accepted with open arms and WILD encouragement to be creative...surprisingly, I was DENIED!!!! I mean, I looked at my calendar and saw it was ONLY December 4th...and yet, I was told that there was NO WAY I could stop in and throw a few mugs..."we don't do that here" she said...WHAT THE? To be fair, I was offered the opportunity to buy some clay and put my pieces in a special firing on friday...BUT...and I quote..."THEY MIGHT BLOW UP!" Can anyone help me? I simply need to throw 4 mugs and get them glazed and fired in the next three weeks?

Buehler? Buehler?

Did anyone else hear Ken talk about soft core pornography on the news this morning? I love watching when he fills in... such great foot in mouth moments.

Cloud Cult, Animated


I saw this commercial for Esurance on TV tonight. Weird stuff.

It's Christmas at the Duluth Playhouse

December 03, 2008

Sustainability Fair, Thursday 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. at UMD

UMD Winter Sustainability Fair
Thursday, December 4, 2008, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Kirby Student Center

Come learn what's happening at UMD and in the surrounding community to make this world a better and more sustainable place to live! There will be informational booths, demonstrations, and panel discussions on many topics including: Sustainability at UMD, Agriculture, Business, Community, Energy and Water.

Panel Discussions on Sustainability - in the Kirby Lounge - get there early to get a cozy chair!

11:00 Sustainability at UMD - Discover sustainable changes that have been made on the UMD campus, and learn about sustainability commitments for the future.
12:00 Social Sustainability and Equity in Duluth - County Commissioner Steve O'Neil and representatives from Lifehouse and the New San Marco Apartments
1:00 Sustainability in Business – Hear from business owners about sustainability and their bottom line, as well as what it means to be an 'Early Adopter' of sustainable practices
2:00 Local Sustainable Agriculture - Hear from local farmers, marketers, and consumers about the impact of localized agriculture
3:00 Energy Conservation and Innovation – Tired of big electricity and utility bills? Learn how to reduce your bills from Dean Talbott, Minnesota Power’s energy conservation expert, and Eric Schlack, City of Duluth Gas and Energy Coordinator.
4:00 Water/storm water - Project presentations from UMD students

Coming from off-campus? Parking/Campus Map: http://www.d.umn.edu/parking/lots.html

Contact Leah Nelson at 218.726.8482 [email protected] or Brian Bluhm at 218.726.6623 [email protected] with questions.

This Friday... at Thirsty Pagan

Portrait of a Drowned Man + Nordic Waste + The Unit Breed (from Portland.OR) + Eine Kleine Chinmuzik (from Milwaukee.WI) = FREE.

Live on KUMD

150jeremy_messersmith.jpgJeremy Messersmith will be in the KUMD studio today at 1pm for a chat and performance. He's playing at UMD at 9 tonight as part of Late Night Kirby.

pot.spoon.jug. kicks off itty bitty cine

A new an brief film series(click on image for complete schedule) begins with a veritable 16mm ho-down featuring portraits of bluegrass chewin’ Tommy Jarrell, a brief but rather lovely look at The Carter Family, IT AIN’T CITY MUSIC,and lastly POSSUM LIVING about a girl everyone is bound to fall in love with, Dolly Freed. She wrote this book Possum Living: How To Live Well Without A Job and with (almost) No Money in 1978 and even landed herself on the Merv Griffin show! I think Dolly is ripe for re-discovery considering the way things are shakin down. show starts at 8p.m. admission is 5buckerroos and all proceeds go to the 2nd Harvest Foodbank in Duluth.Teatro Zuccone 222 E Superior

here is an excerpt from the queen of homesteading "Many people, perhaps you among them, are not temperamentally suited for the 9-to-5 rat race but assume there is no other way to live. Too proud to accept charity (welfare, food stamps) and not at all interested in joining a hippie commune, or pioneering in the boondocks, or wheeling and dealing in business, or crime--what else is there? Others are unemployed and worried sick over that. Are these thoughts and fears grounded in fact?"

December 02, 2008

Fairlawn Christmas Tours

fairlawn image.jpg

Fairlawn has a special tour for the month of December

I received this info in an email. Thought I would spread the word. You know, local color, holiday season, and all that...

"Every Tuesday in December, starting tonight, we will offer a special "Victorian Christmas Traditions" tour at Fairlawn, featuring costumed guides, our lovely decorations and PLUM PUDDING!! The 'script' is totally different from our daily tours. The local media hasn't done much to help us promote this, so I am sending this out to folks I thinks will be interested. KIDS UNDER 12 are FREE! So it's a great time to bring the grandkids, too. There is just one tour an evening, starting at 7pm. "

The image by Randen L Pederson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.



Local art & handmade goods sale


This Saturday, the Eco Home will feature a variety of goods from local artists and businesses including jewelry, handmade soaps, glasswork, painting, photography, Thai imports, and more. Eat, drink, shop, tour the Eco Home and support small, local businesses and artisans. Admission: FREE!

When: Sat. Dec 6th
Time: 2 - 5 pm
Where: 2809 Snowy Owl Circle
Directions: Take Superior Street east. Turn left on 52nd Ave East. Turn right on Broadwing Drive. Turn right on Snowy Owl Circle and proceed one block to Eco-Home on right.

For more information call 940-4965 or email [email protected]. There is still room for more vendors so if you're interested call/write ASAP.

Music Heals Benefit Show - Friday


Tangier 57, If Thousands, Tim Kaiser, Luce, 10 PM


Obama Remarks Before Metting with Democratic Governors

I sure hope that is a typo.

Metting - via urbandictionary.

twin cities twin ports

December 01, 2008

From the Photo Archive | Early 1999


Dedicated to Hot Rod, founder of the Photo Archive Fan Club.

DINK TANK sets their sights on Santa!

Dink Tank Holiday Poster for PDD.jpg

The sketch comedy troupe the Duluth News Tribune called "Devastatingly Funny" is back for an evening of holly jolly hilarity! Dink Tank proudly presents their annual holiday comedy revue, continuing the grand tradition Renegade has carried for nearly two decades. Styled after "Kids in the Hall", "Monty Python," and "Mr. Show," Dink Tank skewers politics, takes pot shots at pop culture, and creates hysterical, memorable characters from their own warped imaginations.

Dink Tank contains adult content. Seriously, don't bring the kids.

Thursdays-Saturdays, Dec 4-6, 11-13 and 18-20 at 8pm
at the Teatro Zuccone, 222 E. Superior St in Downtown Duluth

Call 218-336-1414 for tickets or visit www.renegadecomedytheatre.com