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Scenesters or PDD Get-Together? You decide!


How to complete your card:

1) Hold a party. Buy a bunch of beer. Maybe some brats, definitely some sauerkraut. Invite your friends.

2) Wait for these fools to crash it.

I'm only hoping that everyone who participated had some ulterior motive. Of the group, I'm guessing Heiko will be the first to refuse to sign cards.

I think that it is a great idea and I want everybody to know that I will only sign the card of people that voted for the Lakeside ETOH law to be repealed.

By the way I am playing at Carmody tonight with The Northshore Trio (shamless self promotion of course is the reason CORK U UPER)

Peace to the World

I like all of these individuals and I do believe they are a large part of what makes this community livable and enjoyable, but this is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen in a newspaper.

I do believe I've tagged the upper left most square with my lens.

Still a ways to go for a photographic bingo.

I thought it was a pretty cool story, and I was pretty psyched to know so many scenesters and then to discover a little more about them. But I have to admit, there is NO WAY I'd ask any of these people for their autographs. No sir. Congrats to all the PDDers who are included in this list of scenesters. Today, Duluth; tomorrow, the world.

Not to sound cynical, but does anyone else smell an attempt at bribing certain individuals who frequent and/or run this blog for their goodwill toward the News Trib in return for a cheap ego boost?

I'm just sayin'.

No. No. No. No. No. NO! This is just so uncool. The absolute antithesis of a scene. Congratulations on what? I hope they paid you, or at least got you drunk first.

I smell one of my favorite subjects CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!

I smell one of my favorite subjects CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!

Not to mention thinly veiled "CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!" With all the shit-talkin' we've been doing. But they must have realized that we'd see through it. They know we ain't that dern stupid. Maybe it's a convoluted trick to see how long this thread can get.

You give them enuff thread and they will hang themselves. I think Julius Caesar said keep your friends close and your enemys closer!!

Power to the People Baby


For the record, I was the first to refuse.

I guess this is the opposite of our "what would happen if a bomb went off in here" discussions at the NorShor.

i was going to ask why you weren't included in this group, adam, but then i thought about it and figured you had probably turned them down. good for you.

too bad Corks cartoon from the bus ad wasn't on there

It seems staying home to watch Doctors on Call talk about colo-rectal health doesn't get one on the list. Damn.

What is funny is that most of the people in this "scene" photo are older than dirt. Who would want to be on this list? How about some young people of the town instead of "feelin' forty" has beens?

If they're older than dirt, I must be older than the sun. Where's the list of the elementary school scenesters?

it's JUST a bingo game....

Nothing like a popularity contest to sow the seeds of division. Now people are divided into those not cool enough to be on the list, those on the list and those too cool to be on the list. It's not about scenesters who are listed and scenesters who are not listed, it's about the United Scenesters of America. (I guess the election must have gotten to me).

look no further for your tri-lateral conspiracy, this is all about GARTMAN... ... Once again he's used his sly east-coast media savy ways to try and get dates. It wont work Marc, I know you ARE NOT cool and I'll never date you.

My favorite part was how many of you that I actually know. Just about everyone, and I think I've at least MET everyone. Who would've thought I could be so close to hipness ... without actually being hip myself

JP -- I was surprised not to see YOU on the list! I have to say, the pic at the top of the front page in Thursday's paper -- Paul Lundgren looked like Bogart, instead of the King of Geeks he once was, back in the day. I think this story about Duluth's scenesters was a lot more fun than the one about the movers & shakers under 40. Funny, JP, I knew like 2 of this year's under 40 movers and shakers, but know in real life at least half of the scenesters, actually most of them. I think that says something about Duluth. I don't know what, but it says something.

"I like all of these individuals and I do believe they are a large part of what makes this community livable and enjoyable, but this is probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen in a newspaper."

I agree with Cando. Shockingly dumb. A whole new low for the DNT.

Please. This is Duluth, a place where, thank god, one doesn't have to be cool to actually be cool.

Move to Mpls if you feel the need for labels such as "scenester".

I feel violated. heh

That picture makes my head look too round.

I was supposed to be the free space, but I wasn't pink enough.

1992 called. They want their slang back.

Here's another one, "Jumped the shark."


Also, LOL newspapers.

"Maybe it's a convoluted trick to see how long this thread can get."

My record will weather this little DNT storm.

So in the whole endorsement fiasco the DNT gets ripped for running stuff that does not reflect the Duluth community and for being lock-step with its corporate owners....

... and now the DNT gets ripped for running a piece that highlights 24 Duluthians, and for trying something new.


More like boozy scensters who will drink you under the table. I think a sideline contest would be to get a picture of as many of these people passed out...on their sides of course, wouldn't want anybody to get hurt...vomit wise.

So, the DNT should be ignoring the arts community then? Perhaps some of you have better ideas?

If the DNT wanted to do a service to their community, they would commend these individuals for what they actually DO and *gasp* REPORT something. Not say you can find them hanging out at Carmody. The Wave didn't even do a review of Semblesque, for example, which Jill Hall and Jill Holman were involved, but now at least you know where they like to drink. Great!

New doesn't always = good.

ok, I thought about it and Marc IS kinda hot...I'll date you but only as a friend and, if you'll sign my wave

I don't smell conspiracy unless you think Hollywood Squares was a conspiracy. Hmmm... then again you see what THEY did to Rich Little. I hope these good people aren't relocated to Las Vegas. Many would not last in the desert heat.

No contradiction here. It simply fits well with the Forum Communications modus: keeping it Light-n-Local where it doesn't count. Leave the rest to us.

I thought it was pretty endearing, actually. I love all those cute faces! It's Christa doing it, and Christa's not a plotter. let's not call the wrong people out.

though granted, calling people cool isn't cool.

It might be nice (hint) to follow this up with a series of profiles, week by week, of all these people who really do do a lot of great things.

C-freak first!

Prediction: No one will actually play this...unless I do, which means $50 worth of iceberg lettuce is coming my way, suckas!!! I do agree with Cando's last comment, however. Would love to have seen more content or actual reviews of shows, projects we're actively working on. For one of those "scenesters" who really doesn't get around much anymore (you can sing along with this), I find it a little silly. But, hell. When did we all become such curmudgeons? Kudos to Christa at the DNT for doing something different for a change. BINGO!

Great idea, I agree, C-Freak first. I want to know more about her election day/night. 1. I want to know if she did throw up on anyone at the polling place and 2. I want to know if it's true that she danced in the street that night and stopped traffic.

Christa is cool, I really mean no offense to her.

i did not throw up but i danced in superior st and tower ave. several times. christa witnessed the tower ave jig.

Dammit, I'd have paid at least the price of a beer or two to see Carolyn stopping traffic with happy dancing. I may have even danced with her, if I weren't so terrified of being run over by drivers who text behind the wheel!

So the rumors were true, C-Freak. I was at the DECC and jumped up and down like a banshee, while simultaneously lugging my faux-Chanel black bag full of books and notebooks and holding onto my kid, who was jumping up and down too, she supported Obama from the beginning. Glad you did not get run over by any crazed McCain supporters behind the wheel!

My greatest aspect with this game is the notion that a lot of these mugs might hole up for a while... ;)

With all of the changes at the DNT lately and the bizarre endorsements and tabloid headlines, I would say that this was one really bright spot so ... I don't care what anyone else says this is a pretty innovative and fun concept.

yeah i've been seriously wondering what someone has to do to get a review in this town. 7 years, 4 original full scale productions... and nada nada ding ding ding.
is there someone i can offer to sleep with?

Seeing C-Freak's mug on the front page makes the paper worth paying for.

Just get ahold of the editor (Georgia Swing now holds the title) and ask them point blank if a reviewer is coming, then ask why not if the answer is no.
Don't assume they know about your show. Oftentimes (especially lately) they don't.

Jill, I've discovered that sometimes the Eh! column makes for good publicity -- but you need a quirky or "feel good" hook to get your event in there. So do something like a food drive the first night perhaps. I went to your last performance and was blown away with the incredible talent you all displayed. I can't believe the DNT hasn't discovered you yet. Fools.

What's comical about the whole thing is that all you all cute little scenesters are usually wall flower types (granted many of you bask in the limelight). So now all these not cool wannabe scenesters, myself included, are going to gawk when they see you at the bar. Which can be very awkward and not lend itself to the true attitude of a scenester. I mean you should be sliding into the bar unseen, drinking your beer in solitude and running out to catch the next event. Signing bingo cards in not condusive to life on the scene. What if the DNT did a follow up piece on the ONE thing scenesters would like to see more of in this town?

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