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Vigil in Support of Same-Sex Marriage - THIS SATURDAY!

You're invited to a one vigil in support of equal rights and same-sex marriage. The vigil will be held this Saturday, November 15 from 1 to 2pm. It'll take place at the MN Power Plaza, which is located at Lake Ave. & Superior St. in downtown Duluth.

This event is being held in solidarity with the national call for action for Nov. 15 protests against California's Prop 8 amendment. Given that Wisconsin recently also passed a state constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage, and that there is still lingering talk of a such an effort in MN, we've got plenty of local reasons to come out and stand for equality!

I'll bring some extra signs, but feel free to make and bring your own. And be sure to bring your friends!

-For those of you on facebook.com, you can view the page that has been set up for this event there at this address:

-To find out more about the national call to action for Nov. 15, as well as protest listings for other cities, click here:

For more info about this event, you can contact me [Adam Ritscher] at [email protected] or (715) 394-6660.


i'll be down at the mpls protest but good job organizing one here. i've got a kick ass sign that i just finished.

Hey C-Freak, when and where is the Mlps protest? Thanks in advance!

has all the info.

I saw this today - cool moving stuff.
(linked via fazed because youtube is blocked at my work)

Aww, I wish I could be there. I'll wear my rainbow necklace to work to show my support.

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