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UMD journalism students present 72 hours of election coverage

Check out the first election stories on the Duluth Community News Web site. We'll be posting election updates, photos and video over the next two days.

UMD Journalism students are covering the election Duluth Community News-style -- away from the desk and out on the streets.

This will be a group effort. John Hatcher's Reporting and Writing II class will head out into the community and get people talking. The Advanced Editing students will keep close contact with the reporters up until their deadlines. Later, we'll all meet up in the journalism classroom to set up a working newsroom - reporters finishing their stories, editors touching them up for posting. We're inviting all student reporters who are interested to participate.

Anyway, the Duluth Community News is an online publication run by students at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Our news-gathering method is on-foot and out in the community. We started this semester by dividing Duluth into neighborhoods and sending teams of reporters out to get to know the issues affecting each part of the community.

On Election Night, we want to have fun. Stop by our online newspaper and leave feedback. We're all new at this, and we would love to hear what you think.

Duluth Community News Editorial Staff