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Twenty Years of Mockery


All along, I had a real healthy disrespect for Hollywood.


This has been my favorite TV show since I was thirteen years old--so not quite the whole 20-year run, but not too far off, I guess. Back then, in order to see it, I had to bribe my grandma (who lived in town & had cable) to set her VCR to tape reruns for me in the middle of the night...I'm sure there's still a few of those floating around the house, somewhere.

Wow. 20 years. Back when I was in high school we didnt get The Comedy Channel here in town. We had a friend who lived out of state who did and he kept telling us about this hilarious show with talking robots ripping into bad movies. He eventually recorded one of the Thanksgiving Day marathons and shipped it up to us and that was pretty much it for me.

Years later I met the woman who would later become the wife. When the two of us watched a few episodes of MST and laughed at the same jokes it really sealed the deal. She likes to brag about going to the premier of the movie in uptown and getting to hold Tom Servo.

If nobody has watched/heard any of the RiffTrax yet, you are missing out. The wife and I enjoy one about once a month and it's always fun. 300=hilarious. The Star Wars Holiday Special=One of the funniest things ever and easily better than some of the best MST episodes.

It doesn't hurt that Mike Nelson is a good libertarian either.

In college, a bunch of us had a MST Marathon Weekend complete with Jonny Ray's ("Home of the Five Dollar Pizza") and all the Mountain Dew one could consume. The friend who brought these tapes said, "You have got to see this!" I've been hooked ever since.

Initially, MST3K was on broadcast TV. Channel 23 in the Metro Area, if I remember correctly. It was a sad day when it switched to cable.

Entertaining, but seems a little mild. It very rarely makes me laugh out loud.

A couple of other shows have the same thing (think the voice-over game on "Who's Line is it Anyway?") and are funnier (to me anyway).

huitz needs to put the light bulb down. THAT'S NOT THE POINT! The point is that it's one of the best things EVER to watch while high. How many hours "wasted" watching this show; the beers, the munchies, the giggles, the random tours of the house during commercial breaks. Pop culture never had it so good!

Wow! A whole day and no bitchy comebacks. Impressive. Anyway, life's too short for petty arguing. Let's put our differences aside and talk about what really matters: Your favorite MST3K moment!
OK, I'll start. Manos: The Hands of Fate (duh!). Joel, "DO SOMETHING!"

I don't know what episodes these are from (circa 1993) but me and some friends still blurt these out from time to time:
"Chief!" "McLoud!"
"Let's fold her"
"Pepperidge Farm remembers!"

The entire episode of "Mitchell".

i'm coming out as a MSTIE. i have every DVD, plus many bootlegs, and i love them like family. (i've got rifftrax and cinematic titanic, too.)

mitchell and manos, yes. don't forget the films of coleman francis, too...

Hercules Against The Moon Men.


and Teenagers From Outer Space...

"Gee, your hair smells terrific!"

Pretty much anything from "I Accuse My Parents..." And I love all the shorts. INDUSTRY! GROOMING! good stuff...

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