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CNN had live raw footage from Grant Park on its website for about 3 hours last night - probably 10 or 12 cameras, both fixed and mobile. There was no commentary, just live images. I started watching it about a half hour before Obama's victory speech and was struck by the palpable joy in the faces of the people - 225,000 in all.

During the speech, there were mutilpe pans to spectators: Jesse Jackson crying and Oprah grinning, small children sleeping, white and black and purple people beaming. It was an amazing speech.

Afterward, even after Obama and Biden and their families had left the stage, everyone in the park just stayed there, looking toward the stage, still cheering, still smiling, still crying, still dancing. I have never seen so many people express such joy in one place. It was like a giant sigh of relief, an enormous weight being lifted off of a collective shoulder. So palpable, even through the internet. Amazing.


Last night before the polls started closing, I was watching coverage of various Obama gatherings.
They reported from the church where Martin Luther King jr. used to preach. I was thinking about how incredibly moving it must have been to be there last night. To go from segregation to president in one generation, utterly amazing. I almost cried with joy sitting around in my pj's last night. Had I been out at some gathering, I would have been grinning & bawling with everyone else.

I don't know about you, but I bet his little girls weren't thinking about their daddy being President. I bet they were thinking "we're getting a puppy!" lol :-)

When they announced that Obama had won, I cried. So did Ezra.

"Nothing can withstand the power of millions of voices calling for change" - Barack Obama

The 8-year presidential nightmare is almost over. It will be interesting (and probably disgusting) to see who Bush pardons and what executive orders he makes in the next few months. If nothing else, Obama seems to be a principled leader.

I spent a long day yesterday at Zra & Tamara's precinct, being an official poll watcher -- which means I couldn't talk to anyone except in the presence of election judges. It sucked, because I know *a lot of people* in that precinct and couldn't even say hi to Zra & T as they voted. After the votes were counted, I went to the DECC and made up for having to be so restrained all day. Half the city seemed to have gone there to celebrate. When they called the election for Obama, we screamed in unison, hugged, and people cried. It was like New Year's, though no champagne, just cheap beer and wine. But that was ok. I ran into Tonya Sconiers there, she and I had hung out at our caucus way back when, she went on to the convention in Denver, and I hadn't seen her since. We just danced with joy, we were so psyched. My daughter and her friends taped Obama signs to their chests and paraded through the crowd. It wasn't Grant Park., but damn, it was a lot of fun. It sure was hard, however, to wake up today and have to work on deadline when I could barely open my eyes, I was so wiped out. Like my daughter said, "I wish I were old enough to drink coffee."

I saw shots from all over the world and the shots showed people dancing in the streets. After a long eight years(how did that happen?) I think we, the world is going to be a better place for the rainbow to spread.

Wish I could have been at DECC celebration, was on the calendar but then couldn't go--hard to be in public lately, hope that will diminish over time, no doubt will.

Wonderful election, great relief, many writers both pro and am noting that maybe now the tooth of racism being drawn America might stand a chance of being what it could be. The Grant Park crowd was a wonderful sight.

Todd, remember this:

"Why change horses in the middle of a race?"

People finally figured out that the horse we've been riding died and was devoured by vultures six years ago.

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