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more smiles


glad to see the number of hate-filled, ignorant douchebags isn't decreasing.

what a crock of shit.

F**ing amazing, eh? I hate to be the one to say this, but Obama did not really help us out here.


Yes, with the economy being the way it is, all of the wars we are losing, people losing their jobs, and America sliding further down in the world rankings...it is good to know there are people out there who know what the REAL threat to America is. I can't put into words how much I dislike people like this.


As a native of the Golden State who lives in exile in Duluth, I want to apologize to the good people of the world for the actions of some of my fellow Californians. My family and friends there all voted against hatred and homophobia. Sadly, there just weren't enough of them to swing the results the right way. This is a black day in California, and as someone who loves my homeland desperately, all I can say is I hope this new law is somehow overturned and soon.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

soon enough, some of the people in this photo will be dead. ten, twenty years later, while their bodies are being slowly turned into mulch six feet underground, gay people everywhere will be given the ability to get married. hateful corpses in graves all over this nation will try to scream and protest and start petitions, but no one will hear them, because they will be FAR TOO DEAD to affect anything, any more. and the people in this photo who are still living at that time will be marginalized relics, ineffectual nothings. i look forward to this time. the south is never going to rise again, and progression is the way of america. ha ha ha!

Tony's right. Look at us. When we were kids, it was still against the law in some states for people of different races to marry. Jews didn't marry Christians, and vice versa. Look at how attitudes have changed since we were kids. I predict by the time our children are adults, laws against same-sex marriage will have been overturned.

Wait a minute. Who's "we" Calk?

Tony writes...."hateful corpses in graves all over this nation will try to scream and protest and start petitions, but no one will hear them"...um, Tony? Do YOU hear them? I afraid of the screaming corpses now, bro. Thanks for that.

This fight will not be won by old people.

Or dead people, apparently.

those damn zombies are everywhere!

Homophobic zombie attacks?
Wow, how I would revel in bashing their heads in...

Look at their faces. That's truly disgusting.

I think that guy front in center was in drag at the flame last weekend.

have never quite understood how hate makes joy. is there some kind of species diff there or what? joyful haters vs joyful lovers?

But gay people have created a beautiful and ancient culture, which hasn't revolved around anyone's approval. Gay culture posits courage, love, and the creation of one's own self as the mandate for a whole person, and damn-- we don't need, no one needs, anything else. The approval of one's polity is nice, but gay people have been doing beautifully without it for a long time. It's the mainstream's loss, if they only knew it.

these people are fucking ugly.

I saw this picture today in the L.A. Times and thought "This is what makes those douchebags THAT happy? Freaking-out-happy? Disgusting. Makes me wanna ruin the sanctity of all their marriages in the messiest ways possible, simply out of spite. LOTS of spite. Tons. And the hapless bigots I come across every day wonder WHY I am so mouthy. I feel the most for all my friends in California, though, some of whom are recently married. Their lives have just become complicated, scrutinized, denigrated, and invalidated just as they were expecting happy new lives together. That must be what Christians inflict upon each other for fun, judging by those faces.

Look at all those evil, ugly white people. I hope they all die soon because of this.

By the way, I assume everyone here has seen this:

Most interesting:
White: 49% Yes / 51% No
African-American: 70% Yes / 30% No

And by the way, I know I'm an evil right-wing, racist, gay-bashing, DCB-loving troll (and apparently a psychopath now) but I gladly would have voted "no" on this one, had I been a California resident.

Danny, you are an evil, ugly, white man, and I hope you die soon

Ok dokey.

Gay means happy and happy means gay. Except in California.

Lord, save us from your followers.

C'mon now, the people in California realize that we really need to keep this sanctimonious by being a bond between one man, and one underage girl who he has knocked up that he needs to marry so that he doesn't go to jail.

I just keep thinking the guys in that picture look cute together

Don't all of you know that if we allow for two people of the same sex to get married that white will become black, right will become wrong, up will become down, and the strings of this God created universe will unravel. What is next. are we going to allow people to start marrying animals. That is what Pat Robertson thinks anyway's.

When I first saw this picture I thought they were just having a blast at a fisting convention.

And when we were kids, we only encountered trolls in books, not in real life.

I ask again...who is the "we" you are talking about?

Danny, it's your alter ego. Remind us again why we insist on harassing people on this blog?

Hi Ashley. Srange that you are posting witout my knowledge...you know, since you are a character I created. Oh well, allow me to answer a question with a few questions of my own. How exactly am I harrassing people on this blog? I assume I posted something in this thread that you would consider "harrassment". Please explain what that is exactly.

it shouldn't be too difficult to seduce these bastards to the "dark side". (knowing what we know about right-wing gay-haters, they're probably already snorting crank and tap-dancing in the john looking for a buddy.)

just be sure to get pictures, this time.

"it shouldn't be too difficult to seduce these bastards to the "dark side". "

Please explain how you would effect this seduction.

Buona sera!


I would imagine they find approval from their God in ensuring heterosexual dominance. The truly scary thing is looking in the face of an otherwise decent human being who does not think this is hate, but thinks this is an act of preserving their religious faith. Danny makes a good point in illustrating the racial divide in terms of support for gay rights, but that obscures the underlying factor which is the variance in religious faith. While there is certainly a need for progressive legislators and voters to continue pressing for laws providing for equal rights, it also appears imperative that folks within the evangelical and catholic communities get to work. Otherwise I fear every gain will result in a similar backlash and the fact of the matter is that conservative Christians are probably going to outnumber gays and lesbians for the foreseeable future.

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