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It is coming soon!


I firmly believe there will be snow on the groung before Thanksgiving and Woodland Ave will look like this for a while!. I am all stocked up with coffee, I got my snowblower all tuned up, winter clothes back out, furnace filter replaced, chimney swept, ski's and snow shoes out, and booties for my dog's paws are in the mail. What else is a Duluthian to do before the glorious, inevitable winter?


Be sure to get your tires filled with "Winter Air."

Way to jinx it, nbayuk. By actively preparing for winter, you've created an invisible snow barrier over Duluth.

I'm still riding my bike to work, and I continue to wear shorts while working out. I don't even have skis in my house or office. I may consider planning a huge picnic on the beach. If these things don't encourage snow, nothing will.

What does riding bikes have to do with a lack of snow? I rode my bike right through the two winters I lived in Duluth. It was a grand feeling.

You have no booze.

Make sure the sled is tuned up, good carbides, slides in good shape.

Sorry - I'm drooling all over the keyboard again...

You could get several book's on punctuation rule's and learn how to use apostrophe's.

Mostly kidding!.

Take a picture of your nice green grass before it goes into seclusion for 5 months. Get the ice scraper out. Invite all your friends to join you at the Christmas City of the North Parade.

45 inches of snow in Deadwood, S.D.

"In north-central North Dakota, more than a foot of snow fell near the small town of Voltaire.

'We haven't had one like this one for years,' said Voltaire retiree Ursula Wunderlich, who lives with her husband, Donald, in a home surrounded by 50-foot spruce and pine trees.

'Those branches are loaded with snow, and if they break, they could really cause some whoop-de-doo around here,'" she said."

Dunno why the link didn't work...sorry.


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