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Hey Duluth, what are you thankful for?


The snow making at Spirit Mountain is going well. The new Homegrown CD compilation will be out in about three weeks. There's free open skating at the Duluth Heritage Sports Center from 7-8:30 p.m. on Wednesday nights.


What a great question. I am very thankful for the traffic-light driving here in Duluth and the kind people who made friends of us since our arrival in July.

After divorce, foreclosure, & massive debt, I am glad that I am in an incredible relationship with an amazing partner (and have the sense not to fuck it up by getting married a second time...).

(in no particular order.)

-Hope Rekindled.
-ni hao! (new house)
-a partner with tremendous patience.
-successful outings and returns from the wilds of the north.
-rawkin job.
-did I say Hope Rekindled?
-a little more change for my pocket.

-My wife, who's been working two jobs, raising two kids who are desperate for her, and also defended her dissertation a few weeks ago. [While I mope around.]
-A good winter last time (and speaking of Hope Rekindled, hoping for another one coming).

1.My wife (who I love and respect)
2.My amazing family
3.The President Elect
4.The incredible arts community that we live in.
5.The amazing musicians that I know and love
6.The ability to breath, move,create, being accepted by my tribe of freaks and to exist within this reality.

--that I live here where people do care about each other

--the big pile of firewood that just was dropped off in the alley and the exercise to come when I restack it in the morning

--the sun that'll shine during that task

--my witty children who make repartee over the evening soup

--organic freerange turkeys and a holiday that celebrates getting together for gluttony

The woods

The cliffs

The lake

The trails

Ice and snow

The people who love

The progressive community


Bike racks on buses

A stable home

A stable (if low-paying) job

Food stamps

Good books

General good health


Like my honey.
My friends.
My hound.
My roof.
My bed.
My fam.
My car.
My health.
Clean water.
Clean sheets.
Clean air.


~ Family near & far

~ my job & the great people I work with

~ writing

~ knowing, working & talking with other writers, artists & musicians

~ the concerts everywhere of local & regional music artists & this huge creative community

~ current sense of appreciation for living in the Duluth community (this goes along with above remark, "the concerts everywhere. . ." : )

~ & the lake - & the sky over the lake today, Tuesday, at about 5 pm - didja see it?

And thanks Paul for posting this question.

I am thankful that the long national nightmare that was the GW Bush administration is finally almost over.

impending seasonal snow fall
gas prices low

my family, our home and the sweet life we live in it

my job and my unpaid work

my incredible, freakishly good luck

(klaus is thankful for "my brudder")

This is a tough week for me, despite it being Thanksgiving, but actually because it is Thanksgiving, which is all about family and friends and renewing bonds with them. I lost someone very near and very dear to me Monday, suddenly and tragically. But I thank god I live in a community like Duluth, where people are so damn kind and thoughtful, and really pull for one another, in good times and in bad. (And the liquid lunch I shared with a friend at Burrito Union Tuesday didn't hurt either.) So thanks, Paul, for making us all realize the blessings we enjoy at this time of the year, in this little corner of the universe, surrounded by the people who live here. And, everyone, if you haven't talked to a family member or to an old friend in a while, knock on their door or pick up the damn phone. It's that time of the year.

the duluth sht
the dta
the fact we actually have four seasons here
oh, and the general demeanor seems good in the area

there are others, but they are too specific ;)

Sailor Jerry
Chinese Democracy
American Spirit
Oasis tickets
Turkey deep-fryer
Wonka's Bottlecaps
Pepsi Optimus Prime
Animal Crossing
Christopher Hitchens
Lakeside Video Bucks
American Psycho
Riff Trax
Redeye with Greg Guttfeld
Don Geronimo
Boba Fett Mr. Potato Head
"Sucks To Be Church" t-shirt
Guitar Hero
Anchor's End
Judge Judy
The Blue Douchebag

Oh...and the wife and kids, I suppose.

Calk, I am sad to read about your loss. It's harder for those of us that go on than it is for those who pass on.

I have been in the dumps too lately - in just one month getting dumped after five years and losing my dear granny. I read that question, what are you thankful for? and thought ... idunno.

Then I read all of the bright responses and am reminded just how lucky I really am. So I am thankful for those things that get me through the day:
good friends, good family, good music, good food, good dogs, good walks, good weather, good duluth folks, & PDD!

Happy Holidays.

The love of my life
This miraculous earth
A view of the lake
The Superior Hiking Trail
And Zen Buddhism , which at least gives us a heads- up about having to let go of all these blessings.

To whom do you thank?

i am thankful for:

-my wonderfully wacky independent daughter, Hazel

-my dimpled blue-eyed all-food-lovin' son, Walter

-my partner-in-crime, Ezra, who cleans all the things I hate to clean

-Gramma Louise, who makes sure that my children are well taken care of while I work and can get Hazel to eat peas

-for all the family members and friends that are part of our lives

-that Barack Obama was elected president

-that I have a job that I enjoy that makes an actual positive difference in people's lives through


-that we are able to blog here about what we are thankful for without fear of repercussions or persecution

-Lake Superior

-that vicarious remembered to wear his pants when he blogged his list...

-My awesome son, who is both ridiculously rebellious and geeky.
-Stuffed-Crust Pizza
-Brewhouse "Pub Style" Wild Rice Burgers (I haven't eaten dinner yet).
- Mmmmm...Pizza Luce Mashed Potato Pizza.
- Facebook
- Friends who love and support me, even if I make a fool of myself on Facebook and in public.
- The local music scene
-A job I absolutely love; I've had a shitty week personally and the work has kept me focused.
- The President Elect
- Being dumped. O.K.- I'm not thankful about that yet but I'm sure I will be.

-Learning there are better things to do in life than feel sorry for myself.
-Second chances.
-My family and my wonderfully considerate friends.
-Being able to attend college, work and engage in other activities without suffering a complete mental breakdown (yet).
-Sufjan Stevens
-Playing poker and board games with my zany friends.
-Yahoo! Chess
-The electorate finally coming to its senses.
-The chance to soon be an uncle.

• my friends.

• the tall grass that grows on the median of I-35 north of Sandstone. It saved my life when, fatigued and in despair over a woman, I fell asleep at the wheel doing 80 and careened into the ditch. The thick grass stopped my car just short of the traffic charging up the interstate the other way.

• some other soft tall grass, pressed flat by deer, where I once lay with this woman, above the Lester River.

• the election of Barack Obama. I pounded the pavement for him, hoping to avoid the remorse I would have felt if I didn’t and he then lost and the failure of people like me to step up was what caused the outcome. I wish people would drop the thing-- the complacent idiocy--of referring to him as “the skinny black guy,” as though this is hip. I didn’t vote for a skinny black guy; I voted for a man who seems like he’s got it in him to lead us through dark times, against odds that look none too good. I wish us well.

Finally! Someone finally gave my pants (or lack of) the recognition they dererve.

Vicarious- I'm guessing it's my tendency to skim responses, but who and when was someone thankful for your pants?

Staying warm when it's cold outside.

Do you have any sneak previews of which bands are going to be on the new homegrown CD?

You want a preview of the Homegrown CD?

Here's a hint: look at the pizza luce schedule or the chairkicker label

everybody else is off limits for them

One day after Thanksgiving and the unthankful come out.

Look for a sneaky peak at the Homegrown CD in a future post.

I will say none of the songs are from albums on the Chairkicker label, as if that would be a crime.

Obviously pretty much all of the bands have played Pizza Luce and numerous other venues in town, since that's what local bands do -- play gigs.

And I'm thankful for that.

Real (or should I say Craig?), rather than post these passive-aggressive slams against Luce, Homegrown, Chairkickers, the Transistor, and every other successful endeavor in town, why don't you list the ten songs YOU would pick for a compilation CD of local bands?

Change requires positive action. Promotion requires advocacy for that which you wish to promote.

Dammit Barrett! Stop being so logical and balanced!

My homegrown cd would be this:

1. Skard Inc. - Unholy Waste ( they played two or three homegrowns )

2. eeriearq - Turn off the lights. ( they been a band for more than 10 years and yet they got stuck at the Twins Bar off the Bus Route)

3. The Rez - Any track off their new album.

4. Tiger Blue Death Squad - Revolution Mask

5. The Surfactants - Jenny Your Meteor (with Greg Cougar)

6. cosmic pit orchestra - 8 skies (chill out track)

7. Manheat - Life of Fear (fucking awesome)

8. Grounds for Dismal - Black Bra ( female fronted band other than the Keepaways )

9. 550 Million Society - Get Higher.

( the most under rated band in the Twin Ports. Tim Nelson haters can take a backseat to this shit. I love this band.)

10. Portraits for Judith - God Emperor

11. Kritkal Kontact with Cannon

Bonus Tracks:

Circa A.M. live at R.T. Quilans

Hot Toddy

James Moors

I will wager hard earn money that not one of these bands are going to be on your sampler.

So long as the door is open for some unthankfulness, and we're talking about Homegrown ... Goddamn it, they scheduled on the worst possible weekend for me.

I get that having it the weekend of May 7th (Starfire's birthday -- I just looked it up on Facebook, no a crazy stalker) conflicts with finals for college kids, but screw them. All they do is hold loud parties and act obnoxious around Baci's house. At least I have the decency to remain in the Shaky Ray's neighborhood.

I am thankful, though, that I got the Tisdales' album Bakers Dozen and two discs of The Wire in the mail today.

I might escape this Nordic Pit of Hell soon, that's nice!!

Also i got laid a couple of years ago

bring it cork!

I am thankful I was not trampled by hordes of eager shoppers at Mill Hill yesterday, because I stayed far away from the mall.

yes! clearly we need more hot toddy. i mean the drink.

mmmmmm-hot toddy

Isn't Some People's Kids female fronted as well?

Female fronted.

So fucking funny.

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