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Wooden Sea Kayak

kayak PDD.jpg

For sale woodstrip kayak. Beautiful, sleek, fast and fun. Yours for $500. Read more here.

I can Deliver to Duluth for Free Nov. 6-8th.


I'm very interested in your Kayak. What would need to be done to repair the area around where I'd sit (whats the right term?) How much does it weight? Will a standard skirt work for this Kayak?

Never mind the weight question...40 lbs, I see.

I thought about this beautiful boat all last night. I looked at the hard facts of my buget and really can't spend that much right now. I hope it finds it's way back to Duluth.

Aleasha, thanks for your interest. I would love to see it go back to Duluth, but we'll see how it does at auction.

you must be building one fantastic motorcycle, never thought Id see ya part with ol woody....

Several fantastic motorcycles, but I downsizing my life with a goal of one motorcycle and less of everything else. It is very hard to let this go especially now that I am living right on the river.

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