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Wind Power Redux


I know there's been previous discussions on wind power and Duluth's roll in this booming industry. Lately I've been amazed at the number of windmill parts moving through Duluth on their way to other areas of the country. But I'm left with a question that I hope someone on here may know the answer to. What's up with the route they take to get through the city and onto I-35? I'm assuming that they are coming directly from the port terminal and want to hit 35 South. What's confusing me is how the Central Avenue entrance onto the freeway is the best route? I've seen 4 semi trucks stuck at that 90 degree corner in the last month. The strange thing is I've also seen them on the freeway before that entrance, so that particular route must not be set in stone. Don't get me wrong this isn't something that is pissing me off, I'm just more curious than anything. Although it can make navigating around West Duluth a bit challenging at times.


The corners in the area of 35W are probably to tight to negotiate for the giant trailer. Ipso facto they need to take central ave to get to hyw 2 to get accross this great state of Minnesota!!!!!! Barrak the vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was just an press release put out that addressed this kind of stuff: http://www.businessnorth.com/pr.asp?RID=2964

Chris - I wondered the exact same thing as I watched a semi sit half-way up the ramp for over half of an hour with another semi behind it waiting. It didn't bother me, but I'm sure it bothered the travelers who were stuck on the Central Ave exit ramp because the police had stopped their progress. Often I don't even like driving down there in my 4-door. Can't imagine adding another 130 feet to my length.

I know at least part of it is westbound Michigan Avenue, then left onto the 27th Avenue highway entrance.
(A very slow & frustrating practice to watch if you're already late for work)

"I got windmilled?"

"Come to Duluth and get windmilled?"

Doesn't have the same ring. Sounds like a gymnastics catastrophe.

I used to live on Park Point and got "bridged". Now I live on 27th Avenue and get "windmilled".
No where is safe!

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