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Watch for Fallen Rock



Last week I came across this big concrete block at the entrance to the old Silberstein and Bondy Building at 9 W. Superior St. I looked up and, sure enough, it appears to have fallen off the top of the building. The fact that it isn't smashed to pieces, however, leads me to believe it probably didn't fall, but I've come up with no other explanation.


The Gods must be crazy...that's my only explanation. I work nearby at a fairly safe workplace, but now I feel I can say it just got more dangerous.

I saw this the other week, too.

I wanted to lie on the ground and see how long it took for anyone to say anything.

There must be a physics professor or an architect or maybe a rocket scientist out there in pdd-land who can provide some explanation.

Are you out there?

Angry pigeons?

They say overfeeding pigeons may lead to aggression.

take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flfImhgz3Bw

There are plenty of potential explanations to be offered.

1> It is made of otherwordly Masonist rock.

2> It is made of styrofoam and was a prop from a local production.

3> it landed on someone's head, breaking the rocks fall but producing a sever injury. The unlucky pedestrian crawled off for immediate care.

4> satan

5> Obama did it

(pssst its a door-stop)

I suppose it is, now.

no no nooo. for real. i saw it. with my very own eyes. it happened to fall while construction was going on. yep. there was a chair sat there prior. i wonder if youve noticed the stuff all over the damn street one block above and over. i reckon its a problem.

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