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The non-secret other life of Jitterbug

We all know Julie Pearce (aka Jitterbug) as the adorable local newsperson famous for her "1000-foot shitter" blooper.

You probably didn't know that Julie is also a preemminent Drag King.

Who knew?

(I considered not posting this because it might be a private thing. Then I realized that Jitterbug has a website publicly available to the entire world. So, she's obviously not trying to hide anything. I think that's pretty cool. If, for some reason, Julie wants this post taken down, I will gladly oblige.)


I would like to point out that the life of Julie "Jitterbug" Pearce was chronicled on an early episode of the much-maligned DANNY DOES DULUTH. She was quite fond of it, as well.

Yeah, but, nobody listens to Da...

Nevermind. Too easy.

...not to mention an aspiring bodybuilding enthusiast.

Well...Julie P has been none to listen on occasion.

Michelle Lee is also a bodybuilder. Why isn't George!?!? What's in the water there at KBJR?

I think we should demand George start his own body building/bikini society.

Ha! "None" vs. "Known". Ironic and appropriate. Thank you, Danny!

That's awesome! I love her even more now! Nice to see people in the limelight who aren't afraid to be themselves. Her life keeps me inspired.



She's hot as a girl and a boy- I'd do her either way!

Love it.

Also love the Yu Yu Hakusho hair. Really.

OMG! That's great! She could be her own co-anchor. I'd be a fan of them both.

This is so badass!

Ah, Danny should lend out that itty bitty pink stuffed toy he's just a little too attached to to Julie P for protection

Now THAT'S funny.


she was one of my students when i taught at lsc. one of the best students i had if for no other reason than her willingness to take chances. plus she's just a super nice and kind person.

She's a published author on the subject as well-"The Art of Drag Kinging". I've got a signed copy and its actually pretty fascinating.

This girl has lived a thousand lives already- she inspires me!

IIRC, there was a story about the 25th Anniversery of Dungeon and Dragons a couple years ago on KBJR, and there was George Kessler playing some other guys.


I'm kinda turned on.

You rock, jitterbug!

JB you should be your own sitcom- I can already see hundreds of great episodes unfolding- keep rockin' it girl, both you and Dante!

enealio, I was in that class, too, and I still talk to her any time I see her. Julie's so fracking great.

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